prince ace face vintage tennis bagThis totally rad  1980s Prince Ace Face vintage tennis bag has wild colors and graphics and looks like it was designed for the old Vision Street Wear skateboard clothing company.

The Prince Ace Face is a rare and hard-to-find vintage tennis bag with loud orange, green and blue neon colors that accent the bold geometric graphics.

The bag has two separate racquet compartments and two more small zippered compartments for balls and personal items. The bag measures 27 inches x 12 inches x 6.5 inches. This is the kind of vintage tennis bag that reminds us of the glory days when tennis champions had bonfide rock star status. Vintage tennis bags are a great way to return to your roots, to remember your childhood, or simply to be the baddest looking player to show up on the court today. There's a vintage tennis bag to match every style, from this in-your-face neon Prince bag, to the sleek vinyl bags of the '70s that make you want to put on your short shorts and sweatband to kick some butt. This super-rare Prince Ace Face vintage tennis bag was used and the color did show some light fading in some spots, but it was still in very good shape with no large stains, rips, holes or any other significant cosmetic damage that detracted from the awesome look of this vintage tennis bag. We also washed and cleaned it thoroughly, making it ready to use right out of the shipping box. Finally, when we found this bag, there were a number of old plastic competition "medals" from the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association attached to the handle. When the bag sold, and it sold pretty quickly, we followed our policy of keeping things intact and keeping things real, and we were compelled to ship them with the bag to its new owner. The Prince Ace Face tennis bag does not appear on eBay very often, but you can sometimes find Ace Face t-shirts and other accessories. Vintage tennis bags are readily available on eBay in every size, shape and color imaginable.

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