1963 Admiral Playmate Portable Vintage Television

Admiral Playmate Vintage Television

Admiral Playmate Vintage Television Model P1110E

This 1963 Admiral Playmate P1110E portable vintage television has an 11-inch black & white screen and an ultra-slim profile. As a matter of fact, it was the smallest 11-inch TV manufactured at the time. The Admiral Playmate P1110E has an innovative design, with the picture tube poking out of the front of the cabinet in a bubble-like fashion. This allows the cabinet to stay so skinny, as there is no need for the extra bulk in the back to house the end of the picture tube. The dome-shaped picture tube also gives the Playmate a distinctive retro vibe that just looks swell. The following copy is from a 1964 sales ad:

“Here is an 11-inch miniature miracle! Just one foot tall…so light a child can carry it! The smallest TV built today by any manufacturer, yet you get a brighter, sharper picture than anyone has ever produced before! And the price is only $159.99!  Take Two…They’re Small!”.

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The Admiral Playmate measures 12.75 inches x 13.75 inches x 7 inches. It has a flexible black plastic casing, which cuts down considerably on the weight, too. Silver metal trim and an aluminum face panel finish off the look, and there is a telescoping retractable antenna that fits neatly into the cabinet. This unit was very dirty when we obtained it, but we cleaned and detailed it for a long time. The interior has even been cleaned, as it can be seen fairly easily through the rear cover grills, and the Admiral Playmate delivers a nostalgic orange glow that emanates from the old vacuum tubes inside when the TV warms up. A repair schematic is printed inside the back panel for easy repairs and tube replacement. It still works very well, and an actual screenshot is shown at the top of this page (image is from The Space Giants, one of my favorite old shows I watched as a kid on the local rerun station).

Admiral Playmate Vintage Television

The Admiral Playmate model 1110E was manufactured and assembled in the USA, and the tuning mechanism was made in Japan of 74% American-made parts.

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