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Vintage Airway Vacuum Cleaner

This Mid-Century Airway Sanitizor Model 88 was originally purchased on December 16, 1963 for $226.09 (less a $39.09 used trade-in) at Airway Appliances Inc in Columbus, OH. This amazing Atomic-era vintage vacuum cleaner was going to be thrown in the garbage before we asked if we could take it home with us! Unfortunately, it did not turn on when plugged in and there was a rather large dent in the side of the can, but it did have all of the attachments, as well as a swell metal attachment holder, an unused vacuum bag, four fiberglass filters, the instruction book, return envelopes for ordering vacuum bags from the manufacturer, even the purchase receipt from the original Airway Manufacturer Showroom in Columbus, Ohio! The vacuum cleaner and attachments did show normal wear from years of use, but everything was fairly clean and all brushes were still in good shape. Apparently, someone has plans for it, because it has since been sold, and hopefully it is back to doing what it was meant to do. The Airway Sanitizor 88 has a truly fabulous retro design and the complete set of attachments with hanging carrier could actually make vacuuming the house fun! The canister measures approximately 22 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches. Airway vacuum cleaners have great Mid-Century Atomic style and are genuinely attractive household appliances.

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