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Konica Pop Camera

konica pop camera

The iconic Konica Pop camera is a favorite among 35mm film lomography enthusiasts. This Japanese-made point and shoot was manufactured between 1982 and 1985. It came in a wide variety of totally rad '80s colors, including this popular red model. read more

Richard Nixon’s Paper Shredder…The 1984 Shredex Watergate Top Secret 2001

shredex watergate top secret 2001

This commercial-grade Shredex "Watergate" Top Secret 2001 desktop paper shredder is a heavy-duty piece of industrial equipment that was favored by US Military and Government offices. Made in West Germany, this 1983-1984 model was popular due to its compact size (8.5" x 8.5" x 6") and "affordable" retail cost of $497.00. Commercial units  could run upward of $8,000.00 during the shredder boom of the '80s. One of these Watergate 2001 models was reportedly purchased by none other than Richard Nixon for use in his New Jersey home!  Seriously! A true story from the president of Shredex in a 1984 People interview! The Shredex Watergate Top Secret 2001 quietly and powerfully destroys documents, checks, microfilm, and even microfiche into tiny particles.  read more