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1963 Admiral Playmate Portable Vintage Television

Admiral Playmate Vintage Television

Admiral Playmate Vintage Television Model P1110E

This 1963 Admiral Playmate P1110E portable vintage television has an 11-inch black & white screen and an ultra-slim profile. As a matter of fact, it was the smallest 11-inch TV manufactured at the time. The Admiral Playmate P1110E has an innovative design, with the picture tube poking out of the front of the cabinet in a bubble-like fashion. This allows the cabinet to stay so skinny, as there is no need for the extra bulk in the back to house the end of the picture tube. The dome-shaped picture tube also gives the Playmate a distinctive retro vibe that just looks swell. The following copy is from a 1964 sales ad: read more

Action Max Video Game System

Action Max Video Game System

Action Max Video Game System

The 1987 Worlds of Wonder Action Max video game was a revolutionary and short-lived "live action" VCR-based system. It allowed you to shoot at moving targets that play on a videotape through your television set. From the makers of the original Lazer Tag, the technology in Action Max seems to work the same way. A red light sensor, similar to the Lazer Tag Star Sensor, is stuck directly on the corner of the television screen to read where you are pointing and shooting the light gun. As you hit targets, the sensor lights up and the red LED counter on the Action Max game console goes up by one point. When you hit "civilian" or "friendly" targets, the score goes down by one point. The console has a built-in speaker that plays gunshots, ricochet sounds, and an ominous computerized voice that says, "Target Hit". Headphones and a special cord that connects from the VCR's or television's rca audio outputs into the console were included. These allowed you to hear Action Max in stereo without bothering others (aside from the click click clicking sound of the light gun and your shouts of frustration). read more

Sherwood S-7900A Receiver

Sherwood S-7900A Receiver

Sherwood Receiver S-7900A

This 1974-1975 vintage Sherwood AM / FM stereo receiver model S-7900A was a high-end unit from the Chicago company, clocking in at a respectable $479.95 retail price. This American-made unit has 60 watts per channel and a variety of unusual extras, including a dedicated mono speaker connection, front and rear "Dynaquad" speaker hookups, inputs for a four-channel quadraphonic adapter (and an FM quad adapter), and a tank-like build with a 3-piece brushed aluminum face and heavy-duty black steel cabinet. Bold blue backlit tuning dial and a lighted analog center tuning needle meter give it that unmistakably classic vintage hi-fi look. Entire unit measures 16.5 inches x 13 inches x 5.5 inches. read more

Panasonic R-12 “Spinet” AM Radio

Panasonic R-12 Spinet AM Radio

The Panasonic R-12 "Spinet" AM transistor radio was conceived and designed during Matsushita's heyday of wild and crazy mod concept electronics. This standard tabletop model has nothing standard about its design, with a round cylinder casing measuring 3.75 inches in diameter. The circa 1970 Panasonic R-12 Spinet has ultra-modern space age styling, with a ribbed black cylindrical body and a cool speedometer-like round display dial. This classic Modernist electronic masterpiece has a brushed aluminum face and accent band, as well as a shiny chrome boomerang-shaped platform. read more

Adler J5 Typewriter Precision Portable

Adler J5 Portable Typewriter

The Adler J-5 Portable Typewriter

This German Adler J5 portable vintage typewriter has a cool 2-tone blue and light gray color scheme and distinctive 1970's styling. The Adler J5 Precision Portable has a rigid plastic shell and hood with shiny chrome accent panels on the carriage.  The plastic casing is off-putting to some collectors, but I personally think it adds to the unique retro look of the J5. Adler J5 typewriters were made in black, white and this classic blue & gray airline color scheme. It has a slightly offbeat clunky Eastern European Cold War-era look to it, but the West German made Adler J5 is actually a quiet and very smoothly-operating typewriter. It includes its original carrying case, a black textured hard shell case with briefcase latches and Adler logo. The typewriter pictured is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. We meticulously cleaned it (short of dismantling the unit), I used my personal stash of genuine vintage Dr. Scat typewriter cleaner to treat the platen roller and strikers, there are no sticky or sluggish keys, and everything still works great. The entire unit measures approximately 13"W x 14"D x 5"H. Scroll down for more pictures and to see Adler J5 typewriters for sale. read more


Huffy Thunder Road BMX Bike

The Huffy Thunder Road is an iconic ride from the 1970's and early 1980's, though its popularity is now largely overshadowed by the classic Schwinn Stingray as the premier vintage muscle bike. However, the Huffy Thunder Road was a highly-coveted and desirable bike in its day...and why not? It looks very much like a Stingray, but the Thunder Road is souped up with colorful molded plastic fenders, knobby front and rear tires, and a cool racing number tag. It has an ultra-tough dirt bike motorcycle styling, and its intimidating looks were definitely more "boy-friendly" than the Stingrays of the era. This 1981 Huffy Thunder Road old-school BMX bike has a satin black paint job, overstuffed Troxel "bread loaf" banana seat, Shimano coaster brake, and all-original parts, including the number plate. It is still in great shape, showing very little rust or chipped paint. Scroll Down for more pictures and to see some awesome Huffy Thunder Road bikes for sale. read more

Mid-Century Modern Lucite Chandelier

mid-century lucite chandelier

This stunning Mid-Century Modern lucite acrylic ribbon chandelier has a gold/brass metal frame with fifteen solid acrylic hoops that hang in a nested fashion. Inside is an elaborate sputnik-esque light fixture with nine separate sockets radiating outward. The fixture is attached to a 70-inch long swag chain with a ceiling cap attached at the end. We don't know the manufacturer or designer, but these lamps have an opulent turn-of-the-80's style that fits in perfectly with that decadent era. The assembled light measures approximately 20 inches in length and 14 inches at widest point. It accepts type "B" candelabra or small round vanity light bulbs rated up to 40 watts. A simple AC plug can be attached to the existing wiring to create a plug-in swag lamp, which can actually be done to most pendant-style ceiling fixtures. read more

Vintage 1960s Shalimar Eau de Cologne

Shalimar Eau de Cologne

This bottle of classic vintage Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Cologne is still factory-sealed and includes its original outer box. Guerlain has been crafting Shalimar since around 1921, but this one is from the 1960s. These Shalimar glass perfume bottles have an attractive disc shape and a flat donut hole-like indent that holds the label with flashy retro graphics. The whole thing is quintessential 1960s...the bottle has a decidedly "Mod" styling, and the outer box has a black & white Op-Art pattern covering it with a classy gold & black seal in the center. This particular bottle is in absolute mint cosmetic condition and is sealed with original shrink wrap band and decorative "wax" plastic seal and cord. I'm going on about the bottle because, well, vintage perfume bottles just look cool sitting around the bathroom. This Shalimar eau de Cologne is a truly fabulous collectible. The same goes for all vintage perfume. Not only are they aesthetically can actually use them! "And that smell of sweet perfume comes drifting through the cool night air like Shalimar" - Van Morrison read more

WWII Trench Art Ashtrays

WWII Trench Art Ashtray

This authentic WWII trench art ashtray was handmade by a US Army serviceman no later than 1945 out of a polished aluminum machine part and what looks like a cross-hair sight from a Browning 30 caliber machine gun. We are absolutely fascinated with trench art. Each piece is a handmade work of art...beautiful creations made by soldiers during a time when destruction and death are all around, and crafted with the same components that are used to destroy. The ashtray portion has machined cigarette rest indentions, and the sight is mounted through a hole drilled through the base. Really not sure what the aluminum piece is from, could be from an airplane engine, but we just don't know. The piece is in very good condition, was actually used as an ashtray for some time, but the base has been polished and still looks very good. The sight is firmly planted in the aluminum base, and after all these years is still completely solid with absolutely no give or movement. The ashtray base measures 3 1/8 inches in diameter and 7/8 inches in height, and the sight is 2 3/8 inches in diameter. read more

Akai CR-83D 8-Track Tape Recorder

Akai CR-83D 8-Track Tape Recorder

This 1974 Akai CR-83D 8-track tape recorder / player is an awesome standalone unit with super-sleek looks and high-quality recording and playback. The perfect device to enjoy your old 8-tracks on, the Akai CR-83D has twin lighted analog needle VU meters that monitor both recording and playback, separate left and right record level control knobs, multiple play modes and auto stop function, pause and fast-forward capabilities, and a cool lighted counter timer that looks and works like a real clock. read more