Betsy Wetsy Doll Swing Rocker

betsy wetsy doll swingThe 1961 Ideal Betsy Wetsy Doll Swing

This rare 1961 Ideal Betsy Wetsy doll swing rocker is like a smaller version of the old Graco Swyng-O-Matic baby chair, with a clockwork motor inside that winds up and makes the swing rock back and forth. The Betsy Wetsy Doll Swing stands 25.5 inches tall, making it an impressive display for your favorite 20-inch Betsy. It has an all-metal construction with bright red graphics across the top and a light blue canvas seat. The automatic swing mechanism is operated by winding the aluminum “key” on the side. It just needs a push to get started, and away it goes. It makes the same familiar and nostalgic “tick-tick” sound as the Swyng-O-Matic, too.  This particular Betsy Wetsy doll swing shows minor wear, but is still in great condition for its age. The chair fabric shows some minor stains and age. There are loose threads on either side where the fabric is supposed to be pinched together at the natural bend of the chair. The legs have some scuffs and scratches, but the white paint is still in great shape. The swing mechanism works perfectly, but you do need to put a doll in it for weight. Otherwise, it just stops after a couple of swings. The video below shows the swing in action, and I used an unnamed vintage doll weighing the swing to activate the rocking mechanism.

Our video of the Betsy Wetsy Doll Swing in action!

betsy wetsy doll swing graphicsThis Betsy Wetsy Doll Swing may be available now, so check below.

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