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Vintage Sears Jeans from the 1950’s

vintage Sears jeans

Check out these new-old-stock vintage Sears jeans from the 1950’s! This pair of rugged, Union-made Sears & Roebuck carpenter pants are so stiff, they practically stand up by themselves. Like Sears’ legendary “Roebucks” jeans on steroids, these “Bandtop” dungarees are constructed of vat-dyed, specially-treated denim for lasting color, longer wear, and easier washing.… Read the rest

Ted Williams Kangaroo Leather Sport Boots

ted williams kangaroo leather boots

Ted Williams Kangaroo Leather Sport Boots

This beautiful and classic pair of 1950’s-1960’s vintage Ted Williams Kangaroo Leather Sport Boots have a dark green stained kangaroo leather upper and an full leather inner liner with Vulcan crepe soles. The Ted Williams Sport Boot was made for the outdoorsman, and these boots have a classic vintage style and unusual green coloring that really makes them a unique choice of footwear for the rugged individualist.… Read the rest

Vintage Lux Soap

Vintage Lux Soap

Looking for genuine vintage Lux soap? From Lever Brothers of Cambridge, Massachusetts (aka Unilever), the Lux bath bar soap is “The satin-smooth complexion soap screen stars use, in a big Bath Size. Refreshing, fragrant, rich-lathering. It lasts…it’s thrifty!”, or so says the label.… Read the rest


vintage platform shoes

Check out these super-groovy 1970’s vintage platform shoes we found!

They are made of brown leather and dark brown suede with big ol’ natural cork soles. Made in Brazil for the obscure, and obviously defunct, The Wild Pair company, these slightly subdued vintage platform shoes have an unusual hipster feel, as opposed to a more opulent disco look.… Read the rest


around the neck mirror

The Classic Around The Neck Mirror…Hands-Free Vanity!

 The ultra fab vintage hands free around the neck mirror is the ideal device for applying makeup in retro style! The 5.25 inch diameter double-faced mirror has normal and magnified reflections. Around the neck mirrors are usually made of chrome steel tubing with a natural finish aluminum frame around the mirror.… Read the rest