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Amerock Carriage House

The Amerock Carriage House Collection:  Iconic Mid-Century Home Hardware

amerock carriage house outlet covers

If you were raised between the 1960s and 1980s, there’s a pretty good chance either your parents, grandparents or neighbors had Amerock Carriage House hardware installed in their house. The Carriage House Collection was a very popular line of hardware designed to add an early American vibe to your home.… Read the rest

Vintage Electric Blankets

vintage electric blanketsVintage electric blankets aren’t just nostalgic oddities from your childhood…they are incredibly effective instruments of winter comfort. Here you can find a curated collection of vintage electric blankets for sale.

vintage electric blankets

This Beacon electric blanket is a “fully automatic” model (whatever that means) with single heat controller.… Read the rest


mid-century modern mailboxes

 Mid-Century Modern mailboxes are a great way to add instant class to your ‘60s ranch home. Mid-Century Modern mailboxes in good condition are hard to find these days, but we have come across a few great examples in our adventures. Take this thick-walled heavy-duty mid-century modern mailbox, which was manufactured by the Steel City Corp.… Read the rest


rookwood pottery paperweightFrom a distance, this vintage 1937 Rookwood pottery paperweight in the shape of two bunny rabbits is so nondescript that the average eye would pass by without notice. Upon closer inspection, the dull brown-looking color is actually a rich, earthy brown / red glaze with a gorgeous glittery sheen from the minerals in the slip glaze.… Read the rest


retro plaid vintage wallpaperThis vintage wallpaper is from the Treasure Chest line of the David & Dash company. Totaling 3 full rolls, there is enough of this stunningly mod retro wallpaper to do a real project. Includes two unused 27 inch x 10 yard rolls, as well as two more used ones that total at least another full roll.Read the rest