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Vintage Emerson Junior Fans

emerson junior fan

The Emerson Junior Fan

This red badge Emerson Junior fan model 2660-C vintage electric fan has a 12-inch diameter pancake blades, a ridiculously heavy cast iron base, and a beautifully-styled cage. First produced in 1939, it is finished in a classic Machine Age gray with a bullet back and V-shaped cage, and functions at two speeds with an optional oscillator function.… Read the rest

Vintage Thermostats

vintage honeywell thermostatsUsing Vintage Thermostats for a furnace heating & central air conditioning system is an easy way to add authentic retro style to your existing home decor. The thermostat is pretty much used on a daily basis, so instead of having to look at and mess with those ugly plastic digital boxes, why not make your temperature adjustments on one that was aesthetically designed and one with a genuine sense of nostalgia?… Read the rest

Vintage Answering Machines

A collection vintage answering machine telephone systems from the 1960s through the 1980s, including some of the earliest telephone answering machines on the market.

Record-O-Fone 100

vintage answering machines

The Record-O-Phone vintage answering machine was first manufactured by RoboSonics/ ElectroSpace Corp. in 1965. They were the manufacturers of the very first personal answering machine a few years earlier.… Read the rest

Airway Vacuum Cleaners

airway vacuum cleaner

Vintage Airway Vacuum Cleaner

This Mid-Century Airway Sanitizor Model 88 was originally purchased on December 16, 1963 for $226.09 (less a $39.09 used trade-in) at Airway Appliances Inc in Columbus, OH. This amazing Atomic-era vintage vacuum cleaner was going to be thrown in the garbage before we asked if we could take it home with us!… Read the rest