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1970s Rain Lamp

rain lamp

The mineral oil rain lamp is among the truly quintessential oddities of the 1970’s. The earliest rain lamp I can find appeared in a 1973 newspaper advertisement, retailing at a cost of $149.99 . Rain lamp ads came with tag lines like, “To see it is to love it”, “A real conversation piece”, “Fascinating to watch it work”,  “A fresh new idea that dramatizes any room”, and “One of the most unique designer lamps ever seen”.… Read the rest

Mid-Century Modern Lucite Chandelier

mid-century lucite chandelier

This stunning Mid-Century Modern lucite acrylic ribbon chandelier has a gold/brass metal frame with fifteen solid acrylic hoops that hang in a nested fashion. Inside is an elaborate sputnik-esque light fixture with nine separate sockets radiating outward. The fixture is attached to a 70-inch long swag chain with a ceiling cap attached at the end.… Read the rest

Tension Pole Lamps

tension pole lampThe vintage tension pole lamp…

also known as pole lamps, tension lamps, or floor to ceiling lamps, are a quintessential lighting feature for lovers of retro 1960’s and 1970’s interior design. Tension pole lamps add a visually striking architectural feature to any room, while they also provide highly versatile task or accent lighting.… Read the rest