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Casio Rapman

Casio Rapman

This 1991 Casio Rapman RAP-1 vintage electronic keyboard has 25 tone presets and 30 rap beats / patterns, along with a rotating "scratch pad" and percussion buttons. It has a mic input, and the Rapman can alter your voice with the "Voice Effector" and "Vocoder", giving your vocals a freaky harmonizer Skinny Puppy vibe.… Read the rest


truetone silvertone guitarThis Western Auto vintage Truetone / Silvertone guitar is simply awesome.

The Truetone Rock Star has a classic 1960s Jaguar - inspired body with a cherry & black sunburst finish and swank natural wood grain finish neck. The headstock has an odd, but killer-looking shape, an elaborately cut pick guard and what might be the world's coolest pickup; a chrome-cased body with a shimmery red marblized pickup cover.… Read the rest


casio sk-1 keyboardThe vintage Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard is responsible for countless classic old-school rap songs.

Used for decades as the premier lo-fi sampler, the Casio SK-1 is still a versatile (and extremely fun!) musical instrument. It records about 1.5 seconds of audio via the on board sampling mic or two different external input sockets.… Read the rest