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The Lasonic TRC-931 Boombox

Lasonic trc-931

The Lasonic TRC-931 boombox is truly the undisputed heavyweight champion of boomboxes. With two 8-inch woofers and an abundance of bells and whistles, its sheer size dwarfs the Magnavox and Emerson boomboxes I had when I was a kid.  A friend in middle school brought his Lasonic TRC-931 on a field trip, which I believe was the very first time I experienced the emotion of jealousy.… Read the rest

Isis Model 20 Radio radio

Isis Radio model 20

The Isis Model 20 Radio Radio

isis model 20 radioThis original Isis model 20-1 radio has an iconic Pop-Art flair with quintessential turn-of-the-80s retro style. Sometimes called the Radio radio, the model 20 was manufactured in 1980 for Isis of Charleroi, Belgium. It has a molded red plastic cabinet shaped like the word “radio” in all capital letters. … Read the rest


sanyo vintage boomboxThis Sanyo C-1 vintage boombox was made in Japan and is a sturdy and stylish portable cassette deck. It is a large boombox measuring 21.75 inches x 9.25 inches x 5.5 inches…full-blown Ghetto Blaster territory. Sanyo actually called this a “portable mini component system”, because it has detachable 2-way speakers with 5″ woofers.… Read the rest