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Vintage TV Stands

A collection of vintage TV stands from the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's, ranging from classic Mid-century modern TV stands to the wood-grained '70s. Vintage TV stands for sale!

vintage TV stand

This Gusdorf TV stand model 7240 was sold in stores in 1977 and 1978, originally retailing for $34.95.… Read the rest

1963 Admiral Playmate Portable Vintage Television

Admiral Playmate Vintage Television

Admiral Playmate Vintage Television Model P1110E

This 1963 Admiral Playmate P1110E portable vintage television has an 11-inch black & white screen and an ultra-slim profile. As a matter of fact, it was the smallest 11-inch TV manufactured at the time. The Admiral Playmate P1110E has an innovative design, with the picture tube poking out of the front of the cabinet in a bubble-like fashion.… Read the rest


white vintage tvThis Panasonic 1970s Space Age vintage TV has an ultra-modern white shell and a 12-inch color screen.

The Panasonic Quintrix II color model CT-218 vintage TV has picture-sharpening Quintrix technology...

...which "makes you feel like you're part of the picture" (as Panasonic said in 1978).It has a very cool retro Space Odyssey appearance, thanks to its 2-tone color scheme, off-white plastic cabinet and stylish flat pedestal base.Read the rest


red tvThis totally '80s red TV is the perfect monitor for retro gaming!

The Emerson EC10R vintage color television has an awesome red TV cabinet and radical retro style.

It has a bright and sharp 10-inch color screen, chrome push-button channel controls and volume slider, a chunky yellow power button, black accents and cool modern graphics.Read the rest