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Par Picture Puzzle

par picture puzzle

The Par Picture Puzzle is among the most sought-after jigsaw puzzle brands ever made...and with good reason. The Par Company of Brooklyn, New York has been manufacturing these wood-backed jigsaw puzzles since the 1930's. The quality of craftsmanship in the intricately-cut wooden backed pieces is simply stunning, and the time and expertise it takes to assemble one is a challenge even to the most experienced puzzle solvers.… Read the rest


vintage case xx knife 6445R

The Case XX 6445R Pocket Knife

Since World War II, the Case knife has been the highly-sought-after utility tool of choice for generations of Scouts, campers, and young boys across the country. This vintage Case XX knife model 6445R shows moderate use, but is still in sturdy shape with no cracks, chips, loose bits or structural flaws.… Read the rest


fortress america board gameReleased in 1986, Fortress America is arguably the best strategy game Milton Bradley ever developed.

Obviously a Red Dawn-inspired "fantasy" from the height of the Cold War, the 25 year old theme of Fortress America seems more relevant today than ever...Saddam's face is right there on the freakin' box, a full five years before 1991's Operation: Desert Storm.Read the rest