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Ross Slinger vintage BMX bike

ross vintage bmx bikes

This Ross Slinger vintage bmx bike was manufactured in Allentown, Pennsylvania around 1982 by the Chain Bicycle Corp. It is nearly identical to the Ross Snapper from the same year, complete with black frame and yellow & orange decals. The only difference is the Snapper didn't appear to include the chain guard and was missing any decals on the top tube.… Read the rest

Firestone Bicycles

vintage firestone bicycle

This vintage Firestone Flight 880 24-inch bicycle has an amazing vintage style and color scheme, which is so quintessentially retro that it almost seems like a modern reproduction. The bike has a metallic turquoise blue finish with white graphics, white hand grips with flashy red Firestone logos on the undersides, and original Firestone whitewall tires.… Read the rest

Mongoose Expert Old School BMX Bike

mongoose expert old school bmx

Mongoose Expert

This awesome old-school BMX Mongoose Expert has a classic shiny 4130 chromoly frame and appears to be 100 percent original. It is equipped with a rear Lee Chi caliper brake, SR aluminum hubs, and a killer-looking set of alloy rims with "speed holes" (as Homer Simpson would say) and shiny black inner liners that cover the holes underneath to keep dirt out of the inside of the rims.Read the rest