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Ted Williams Kangaroo Leather Sport Boots

ted williams kangaroo leather boots

Ted Williams Kangaroo Leather Sport Boots

This beautiful and classic pair of 1950's-1960's vintage Ted Williams Kangaroo Leather Sport Boots have a dark green stained kangaroo leather upper and an full leather inner liner with Vulcan crepe soles. The Ted Williams Sport Boot was made for the outdoorsman, and these boots have a classic vintage style and unusual green coloring that really makes them a unique choice of footwear for the rugged individualist. They have a quintessential American look similar to good ol' Red Wing crepe sole hunting boots. Perfect for hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, etc., they also have a swell finished look that makes them a genuinely awesome pair of casual shoes...forget those Dr. Martens! This pair was found only lightly used, though some light cracking, wear and darkening / discoloration could be seen in the outer surface. They did included their original box, cardboard tag, and care / cleaning instructions. We treated them with mink oil to protect that amazing green dye, and the leather ended up looking clean, soft and perfectly broken in. You can find Ted Williams Kangaroo Leather Sport Boots on eBay, though they are usually in a wide variety of conditions. Be sure to read the item descriptions before you think you just scored a huge bargain, as a pair like these in excellent used condition can sell for more than a couple hundred bucks. read more

Vintage 1960s Shalimar Eau de Cologne

Shalimar Eau de Cologne

This bottle of classic vintage Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Cologne is still factory-sealed and includes its original outer box. Guerlain has been crafting Shalimar since around 1921, but this one is from the 1960s. These Shalimar glass perfume bottles have an attractive disc shape and a flat donut hole-like indent that holds the label with flashy retro graphics. The whole thing is quintessential 1960s...the bottle has a decidedly "Mod" styling, and the outer box has a black & white Op-Art pattern covering it with a classy gold & black seal in the center. This particular bottle is in absolute mint cosmetic condition and is sealed with original shrink wrap band and decorative "wax" plastic seal and cord. I'm going on about the bottle because, well, vintage perfume bottles just look cool sitting around the bathroom. This Shalimar eau de Cologne is a truly fabulous collectible. The same goes for all vintage perfume. Not only are they aesthetically can actually use them! "And that smell of sweet perfume comes drifting through the cool night air like Shalimar" - Van Morrison read more

Vintage Lux Soap

Vintage Lux Soap

Looking for genuine vintage Lux soap? From Lever Brothers of Cambridge, Massachusetts (aka Unilever), the Lux bath bar soap is "The satin-smooth complexion soap screen stars use, in a big Bath Size. Refreshing, fragrant, rich-lathering. It's thrifty!", or so says the label. Lux soap was one of the very first companies to utilize female celebrities in their ad campaigns, and continued to do so into the 1980s. Lux beauty bars are still around today. In fact, Lux soap is the top-selling brand in many countries around the world, while having absolutely no distribution or sales in the United States (Unilever also makes Dove, so I assume Lux's biggest competition in the US would basically be themselves). read more

Vintage Eyeglasses Frames of the 1970s

Check out our gallery of Vintage Eyeglasses, frames in every color of the rainbow! They are all new old stock frames from an Atlanta Optometrist that closed down in the late 1970s, and these fab vintage eyeglasses represent the quintessential fashion of that groovy decade. Scroll down further for mens vintage eyeglasses. read more

Vintage Judith Leiber Belt

vintage judith leiber belt

Rare Card Suit Vintage Judith Leiber Belt


This rare vintage Judith Leiber belt has a distinctively Las Vegas theme and is absolutely guaranteed to grab everyone's attention. The heavy goldtone metal belt is made of hundreds of small round chain links. Decorative loops hold beautiful dangling semi-precious stone beads of jade, tigers eye, black onyx, rose quartz, and red agate. Between the loops hang colorful enameled card suit Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades. The unbelievably sexy style of this vintage Judith Leiber belt is perfect for a real card shark (or the all-around risk-taker!), and the rare and hard-to-find design will most certainly set you apart from the pack at the Blackjack table. The belt is in excellent, near-mint condition, showing no wear in the gold, no signs of any real use, very few scuffs (which are most likely a result of storage), and no cosmetic damage that detracts from the stunning look. This vintage Judith Leiber belt is signed, and it measures a total of 41 inches in length, and is adjustable down to 31 inches. A small pair of jewelry pliars and a strong pair of hands could easily alter the belt to an even smaller fit, if absolutely necessary. read more


vintage platform shoes

Check out these super-groovy 1970's vintage platform shoes we found!

They are made of brown leather and dark brown suede with big ol’ natural cork soles. Made in Brazil for the obscure, and obviously defunct, The Wild Pair company, these slightly subdued vintage platform shoes have an unusual hipster feel, as opposed to a more opulent disco look. The heels measure 3.5 inches tall. These shoes sold twice! They were too small for the first purchaser, but they sold the week after they were returned to us and were shipped out to Australia to a much happier customer! Vintage platform shoes in many colors, styles and sizes are available on eBay read more


retro pocket squares

 Vintage Pocket Squares

Looking for swank vintage pocket squares made of acetate, wool, silk or similar satin-type material? So are we! Vintage pocket squares add a small (and socially acceptable!) touch of flair and individuality to your everyday business attire. Why not go for the real thing and get yourself some vintage pocket squares? Each one is different and unique with extremely cool, yet understated retro patterns and colors. The one pictured were found at an estate sale a few years back. We were way too excited to find them, and couldn’t believe the quintessential Mid-Century Modern patterns and style these vintage pocket squares had. They sold in the blink of an eye, but authentic vintage pocket squares can usually be found on ebay. If you are looking for the real deal: actual vintage pocket squares from the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's, then just look below and follow the links for more surprises. Happy shopping! read more


around the neck mirror

The Classic Around The Neck Mirror...Hands-Free Vanity!

 The ultra fab vintage hands free around the neck mirror is the ideal device for applying makeup in retro style! The 5.25 inch diameter double-faced mirror has normal and magnified reflections. Around the neck mirrors are usually made of chrome steel tubing with a natural finish aluminum frame around the mirror. Some of the nicer old ones have nickel plating. Manufacturers still toy with this concept today, but many still swear by the original around-the-neck mirror, which is a very popular and sought-after item on ebay. read more

Adjustable Vintage Dress Form Manneqiuns

Vintage Dress Form

Adjustable Vintage Dress Forms

This fully adjustable vintage dress form mannequin body is used, but in perfect working condition with no structural damage. It measures 28 inches in height and has an all plastic construction with metal adjustment bands. It has 13 separate press-and-turn dials to adjust every "inch". The fabric covering it is a bit old and dirty and could be removed entirely, if desired. We don't know the manufacturer, it is only marked "made in England" on the neck. Not only a useful piece for clothing designers, but also fabulous vintage decor for the bedroom! This vintage dress form sold to a cast member of the legendary Second City sketch comedy troupe in Chicago! read more