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Vintage 1960s Shalimar Eau de Cologne

Shalimar Eau de Cologne

This bottle of classic vintage Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Cologne is still factory-sealed and includes its original outer box. Guerlain has been crafting Shalimar since around 1921, but this one is from the 1960s. These Shalimar glass perfume bottles have an attractive disc shape and a flat donut hole-like indent that holds the label with flashy retro graphics. The whole thing is quintessential 1960s...the bottle has a decidedly "Mod" styling, and the outer box has a black & white Op-Art pattern covering it with a classy gold & black seal in the center. This particular bottle is in absolute mint cosmetic condition and is sealed with original shrink wrap band and decorative "wax" plastic seal and cord. I'm going on about the bottle because, well, vintage perfume bottles just look cool sitting around the bathroom. This Shalimar eau de Cologne is a truly fabulous collectible. The same goes for all vintage perfume. Not only are they aesthetically can actually use them! "And that smell of sweet perfume comes drifting through the cool night air like Shalimar" - Van Morrison read more

Vintage Lux Soap

Vintage Lux Soap

Looking for genuine vintage Lux soap? From Lever Brothers of Cambridge, Massachusetts (aka Unilever), the Lux bath bar soap is "The satin-smooth complexion soap screen stars use, in a big Bath Size. Refreshing, fragrant, rich-lathering. It's thrifty!", or so says the label. Lux soap was one of the very first companies to utilize female celebrities in their ad campaigns, and continued to do so into the 1980s. Lux beauty bars are still around today. In fact, Lux soap is the top-selling brand in many countries around the world, while having absolutely no distribution or sales in the United States (Unilever also makes Dove, so I assume Lux's biggest competition in the US would basically be themselves). read more