eskimo vintage box fan

Vintage Box Fans

A Vintage Box Fan is a stylish and highly effective way to stay cool in warm weather. These old fans were crafted with quality and pride in the USA and are built to last for decades to come. Check out some great fans from our personal collection and find yourself a vintage box fan for sale!

McGraw Edison Eskimo Vintage Box Faneskimo vintage box fan

This Mcgraw-Edison Eskimo brand vintage box fan has big solid 18-inch aluminum blades. This vintage box fan is also equipped with a 2-speed push-button motor, bright white plastic carrying handle, and its original, and quintessentially retro, aqua blue paint job. It is complete with its original steel wire grill covers, but they have been sanded, refinished and repainted a bright glossy white. Everything else on this vintage box fan is 100% original and untouched. The vintage box fan has, however, been meticulously cleaned inside and out. The fan is working great and isn’t too noisy, but the motor or blade sounds like it could use some oil. The blades show some spotting and the steel box frame shows moderate scratches, blemishes, and some rust in the aqua blue powder coating. There are no dents, cracked metal or other structural flaws. This Eskimo model 20137 box fan measures 21.5 inches x 21.5 inches x 5.75 inches. This fan is now sold, The new owner contacted us to say he simply reseated a loose bearing in the motor, and has reported that it now sounds perfect! He also said that it sounds like an old 1960s Lasko he used to own

Sears Manning-Bowman / Mcgraw-Edison Vintage Box Fan

McGraw-Edison Box Fan

Here’s a nearly identical match to the Eskimo fan above. Branded as a Manning-Bowman for Sears stores, but obviously a McGraw-Edison, the only difference between the two is this Manning Bowman has a standard knob instead of a push-button control.

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Galaxy Vintage Box Fan

Galaxy Vintage Box Fan

This vintage Galaxy box fan has a white steel cabinet, plastic grill covers, and a large 18-inch fan blade…the classic Galaxy translucent blue you know and love! This full-size 22-inch fan has a three speed motor that blows air from a gentle breeze to a hurricane gale, and that quintessential retro ’80s Galaxy style will give you a nostalgic feeling each time you turn it on (I always think of summer visits to my grandparents and relatives in Florida when I see that translucent blue fan blade). These old Galaxy fans are well-crafted and were assembled right here in the USA. As a matter of fact, they still are to this very day! Seriously, you can go right down to your local Wal-Mart and buy an American-made Galaxy Fan. Of course, they don’t look anything like the one shown above, which is why the vintage Galaxy fan is popular with collectors. Galaxy fans, like Lakewood fans, are among our favorite, because they are built to last, they have great retro style, and they always WORK when we find ’em!.  This box fan measures 22 inches x 22 inches x 7 inches. As with all fans we sell, the whole thing has been dismantled and cleaned inside and out, has been fully tested, and it is ready to use. Check below to see some stylish Galaxy Fans for sale, and scroll down for more vintage box fans from our collection.

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Sears Homart Vintage Box Fan

Sears Homart Box Fan

This Sears Homart vintage box fan has a powerful two-speed motor and built-in working thermostat that turns the fan on and off automatically as the ambient temperature changes. The ultra heavy-duty unit has a thick-walled steel casing with an all-metal 20-inch blade and rigid grills that are easily removable for cleaning. The motor is a 1.75 amp 950 rpm unit made in Michigan by Universal Electric Co., making it the most powerful box fan I have ever heard or felt. Turning it on sounds just like an airplane slowly taking off, and the blades deliver a neat humming sound at both speeds. The entire unit is finished in a classic anodized bronze finish. It runs beautifully with no odd noises or rattling, and it has a very long runout time when the motor is cut. The entire unit measures 22 inches x 22.5 inches x 6.5 inches. Check out our video of this fan in action!

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Polaris Vintage Box Fan
polaris vintage box fan

This Polaris vintage box fan is powered by a General Electric Motor and has two speeds. A fine product made in Toccoa, GA by the Polaris Industries division of the Russell Aluminum Co., the Polaris C5A box fan has bright white grills and fan blade and a dark brown baked enamel metal shell. We found this one brand new in the original box! The fan still worked perfectly and had a very pleasing hum that sounded like a blimp engine. It is very hard to find a vintage box fan in this condition and its modern, nondescript color scheme fits nicely into any decor. For these reasons and more, we sold this vintage electric fan quick. The Polaris C5A vintage box fan measures 22 inches x 22 inches x 7 inches.

GE Mini Vintage Box FanGE Mini Vintage Box Fan

This General Electric Mini vintage box fan has a 9 inch steel pancake blade and a two speed motor. It has a yellow / gold molded plastic grill cover and a classic putty gray metal base and body. It has an unusual and interesting compact design with hinged vertical adjustment capability and it is very powerful for it’s size. The motor is controlled by a simple silver metal push button on the lower left side of the unit. Just click once for low, click again for high, and click again to turn it off. Full dimensions of the GE mini box fan are 14 inches x 14 inches x 6 inches. This particular fan was made in different fun retro colors to suit your personal style. 

Circulaire Retro ’70s Vintage Box Fan
circulaire vintage box fan

More of a floor or tabletop model than a full-size box fan, this rare Circulaire fan still has the classic box shape. It has a fab contempo Modernist late-70s style, with that classic tan and brown color scheme that seemed to be on every home appliance in the turn-of-the-80s. The Circulaire isn’t just a box fan with a cool name. The front grill cover actually spins when the fan is turned on, distributing cool air all over the room! The convenient knob on front tightens or loosens the grill so you choose for it to be stationary, if desired. You may have seen this technology on some of the newer electric fans at Whatever-Mart, but they obviously don’t have the style or the build quality of the Circulaire. The fan has three speed settings, going from quiet and easy to B-17 bomber. We don’t know who manufactured or designed the Circulaire, but when we were cleaning it out, we found it is powered by a Fasco Industries 1/40 HP motor made in Ozark, Missouri. The fan is quite powerful, and its 11-inch blade and quiet motor will satisfy fan lovers everywhere. This vintage box fan measures 15 inches x 15 inches x 7 inches. Check out this fan in action:

To be continued…we are always on the hunt and will post info and pictures of every vintage box fan on this page for your entertainment!