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fortress america board gameReleased in 1986, Fortress America is arguably the best strategy game Milton Bradley ever developed.

Obviously a Red Dawn-inspired “fantasy” from the height of the Cold War, the 25 year old theme of Fortress America seems more relevant today than ever…Saddam’s face is right there on the freakin’ box, a full five years before 1991’s Operation: Desert Storm. Fortress America is a classic game of strategy, like a cool and creepy updated version of Risk! Here is the unabridged and terrifying synopsis from the back of the box:

“It is the early 21st Century. In space, hundreds of United States satellites stand grim watch, keeping nuclear attack at bay. On land, the U.S. is about to be ambushed on its home shores. 20 years ago, the U.S. embarked on a satellite program to harness solar energy from space. Secretly, but with good intentions, they equipped each satellite with an anti-missile laser. And “Star Wars” became a reality. The Soviet Union was outraged. The U.S. had violated the Nuclear Weapons Reduction Act of 1993. The “Sentinels in the Sky” were holding the rest of the world hostage…and the U.S. would suffer for it. Now, hostile armies prepare to attack the U.S. from three sides. On the Eastern shores, The Euro-Socialist Pact. At the Southern border, the Central American Federation. From the West, the Asian Peoples Alliance. And the U.S. is without allies. At this explosive time in the “imaginary” future, Fortress America challenges you to take part in the attack or defense of the United States. Battle bravely, and alone, to save it. Or ally yourself with two other invaders to force its surrender. As an invader, decide where and how to attack. Without nuclear weapons, you’ll need advance planning and keen military strategy to move in and take over city and mountain territories. Can your infantrymen take San Antonio…or should you send in hovertanks and bombers instead? As the ambushed United States, your initial defense is weak. But gradually, new technologies, laser complexes, and the indominable partisan spirit could give you the advantage. Wether invading or defending, you’ll have hours of excitement as Fortress America takes you into an imaginary, battle-fraught future to decide the fate of the United States.”

Wow, pretty scary, huh? Fortress America is no longer in print, but copies of this highly sought after vintage board game can always be found on eBay.

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