fox typewriter model 24

Fox Typewriter Model 24

fox typewriter model 24

This early Fox typewriter model 24 is officially the oldest typewriter we have acquired to date. Having no backspace key, this machine dates somewhere between 1906 and 1909. It appears to be complete, but it unfortunately shows its age and then some. It will require a considerable amount of restoration before its ready for everyday use. We did some fairly meticulous cleaning and dusting with a wet rag, toothbrush and a vacuum cleaner, and it is still not the prettiest thing in the world, but you really should have seen the way it looked when we first brought it home. Much of the original paint is intact, as well as all of the beautiful graphics and that fabulous full-color Fox logo. Some of the celluloid keys are missing their letter markers, which is apparently a typical cosmetic flaw with this style of key. There is moderate rust on some of the chrome pieces, and more rust on the back side of the typewriter. The mechanics are also in need of repair. As rough as this machine looked, all the key strikes worked (they actually work beautifully, even without having cleaned them). Only two keys needed to be worked back and forth a few times before they worked as smoothly as the rest. The carriage will not advance or turn. The culprit seems to be a leather strap or cord which is completely missing from the pulley wheel on the back. The key strikes are the only thing that appear to be functioning properly at this time. As-is, this Fox No. 24 makes an interesting rustic display piece with beautiful early Industrial Machine Age style. However, it looks like it could eventually be restored to a useable condion, too. The chassis of the Fox typewriter model 24 measures 14 3/8″D x 10 3/4″W x 8″H.

fox typewriter no. 24

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