GT Vertigo Old-School Freestyle Bike

GT Vertigo Old School Freestyle Bike

GT Vertigo Old-School Freestyle Bike

GT Vertigo

This 1996 GT Vertigo old-school BMX freestyle bike has a totally radical black & metallic red splatter paint job and classic late '80s-style GT Performer frame & fork. The GT Vertigo is 99 percent original; only the seat was replaced with an ugly padded Bell seat (and it should most definitely be replaced, too). The GT Vertigo has an Odyssey Gyro II rotor and Bulldog brakes, a cool aircraft aluminum GT head stem, Rigida 48's rims, and Kenda street / freestyle tires that look nearly new. The frame, fork, handlebars, layback seat post & clamp, cranks, sprocket and pedals are all stamped with the GT logo. The bike was only lightly used, but spent some time outdoors. We detailed it with chrome polish and cleaned it thoroughly, and it is still in really good shape. There is some minor rust in a few spots, mostly on bolts, the crank, sprocket and chain. The front brake cable is frozen, rear brakes work decently, but are still a little slow and sticky. Like most old hand grips, the grip tips are gone. The rear rim has some dents/damage, but is still rideable. Front rim is ok. I rode it around the neighborhood a few times, and it performs decently, but it really needs to be lubed in all the moving parts. The bones are very sturdy on this bike, it just needs a little attention and maintenence so it can shred the streets again.

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GT Vertigo freestyle bikeThe following text is from a spread in Freestylin' magazine advertising the 1988 line of GT BMX and freestyle bikes: "We just pulled a cheap trick on the competition by introducing GT's most affordable bike - the GT Vertigo ST. From its functional Performer frameset all the way to its Odyssey brakes and alloy 48s, the Vertigo ST screams serious freestyle. Available in chrome, electric blue, magenta, black, and white". If life on the streets seems a little dull, fire things up on the all new '88 GT Vertigo ST".