Playa B & the Midwest Click – Small World CD

playa b & the midwest click small world cdPlaya B & the Midwest Click self-released their CD EP Small World back in 1996 on Playa B's own MRP label.

This Playa B & the Midwest Click CD is rare...even for rare underground rap.

It is extremely difficult to find any information about Playa B on the internet, and this is one of only two singles they ever released.

What you are looking at is a genuine authentic original pressing of the impossible-to-find underground CD single from Marion, Indiana's Playa B. He lets the G-Funk flow in his own way, with a sparser style, not overloaded with the same old Parlaiment / Funkadelic riffs than typical mid-'90s gangsta rap. The music is well-produced, especially for a DIY release, and retains a heavy underground feel. The title track has a long intro sample of It's a Small World After All that sounds like a homemadplaya b and the midwest clicke tape recording from the actual Disneyland ride. The last track is a compilation of edited pieces from other Playa B songs that were apparently never released. It's like a commercial or preview to a killer CD that was never pressed. This Playa B & the Midwest Click CD was basically in mint condition with no scuffs or scratches. The one-sheet insert was lightly creased along the left edge, no other damage anywhere else. It sold at auction to a bidder in France for...$178.50! Playa B & the Midwest Click is way below underground and very hard to find, but lots of rare, self-released old-school g-rap is available on eBay. [ebay campaignid="5336843051" keywords="underground rap rare cd" rows="10" columns="1" pagination="no" vertical="no"]