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Kirby Sanitronic Dual 80

This 1967 Kirby Sanitronic Dual 80 vacuum cleaner has unmistakable vintage Kirby style. It should, as the Sanitronic Dual 80 was the last model of the first series of highly popular Kirby vacs. It retains that amazing Art Deco era polished cast aluminum alloy body, which looks more like something that fell out of the engine of a B-17 bomber than a common household appliance. After nearly 50 years, this Kirby is still alive and kicking.kirby sanitronic 80 vacuumIt has a fab green color scheme, slightly atypical to the quintessential red trim machines, and gives it a genuine ’60s style. As with most vintage Kirbys, this thing has suction and power you have to see to believe. The thing jumps to life when the power button is stomped, and you know immediately that it means business as it tries to pull you along the carpet like an excited dog on a leash. They just don’t make ’em like they used to! No wonder they called it “Jaws” in the American comedy classic Mr. Mom! kirby sanitronic 80 vacuum cleanerHere’s an important note about Kirby vacuum cleaners…I dismantled this thing, cleaned, polished and detailed it inside and out, and I got a most unpleasant surprise when I reassembled it…it no longer worked! This has happened to me before on another Kirby that has been in storage for a long time. I decided that this couldn’t have happened to me twice with two different models, so I finally decided to do some research. Turns out these Kirby vacs have safety switches that prevent them from turning on when not engaged! There is a little push button under the protruding motor shaft, and if you don’ t line up the brush head just right, the switch won’t engage and the vacuum won’t turn on! We wrestled with the thought of discarding that other Kirby for a long time, and we are so glad we didn’t! I will be pulling it out of storage before long for a rehaul. Check below for vintage Kirby Sanitronic vacuum cleaners for sale on the internet!

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Thanks for checking out our Kirby Sanitronic Page, we’ll add our red Kirby Classic here when we get it up and running!