antique hendryx bird cageThis vintage Hendryx bird cage is made of brass and is one of the most deceptively "simple" pieces of decorative architecture we have ever seen.

The early Hendryx bird cage has an understated design with an interesting fluted geometric shape that has an almost Modernist style in its cool simplicity.

Each brass tube extends from the top to the bottom of the cage, and each is held in place on the horizontal brass hoops with two tiny brass rivets. This antique brass Hendryx bird cage shows a stunning amount of engineering and manufacturing, and we found ourselves regularly stopping to marvel at the craftsmanship of this piece. This brass Hendryx bird cage was a very hard-to-find design and it has its original inner lining pan with some of the original white paint still intact.

The hinged door is spring-loaded, which snaps shut when released, and the latch works perfectly. Three hinged hooks on the base keep the cage tightly and securely attached. The Hendryx bird cage stands 18 inches tall, minus the triangle hook. The cage included a few small accessories that were not Hendryx brand, but were original period items purchased with the anti-vibration spring that was attached to the triangle hook, an odd spring clip that slides onto the bars, and a neat little hand painted Japan-marked porcelain American Bird Products 3 Vees grit cup.

The brass on this antique bird cage was basically untouched, showing its age and the beginnings of a beautiful green patina. However, this retro bird cage was clean and free of grease, "goo", or other "farm fresh" residue. Two sets of bars have bent spots near the base, probably where the original glass feeders were installed. Overall, it was in great condition for its age, and certainly makes a beautiful and useable decorative piece. Antique brass Hendryx bird cages are true works of art and are highly sought-after. This vintage bird cage was sold at auction and now lives in Miami, but you can find your own antique brass Hendryx Bird Cage below by following the provided links.

Hendryx Bird Cages For Sale

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