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Richard Nixon’s Paper Shredder…The 1984 Shredex Watergate Top Secret 2001

shredex watergate top secret 2001

This commercial-grade Shredex "Watergate" Top Secret 2001 desktop paper shredder is a heavy-duty piece of industrial equipment that was favored by US Military and Government offices. Made in West Germany, this 1983-1984 model was popular due to its compact size (8.5" x 8.5" x 6") and "affordable" retail cost of $497.00. Commercial units  could run upward of $8,000.00 during the shredder boom of the '80s. One of these Watergate 2001 models was reportedly purchased by none other than Richard Nixon for use in his New Jersey home!  Seriously! A true story from the president of Shredex in a 1984 People interview! The Shredex Watergate Top Secret 2001 quietly and powerfully destroys documents, checks, microfilm, and even microfiche into tiny particles.  read more

Adler J5 Typewriter Precision Portable

Adler J5 Portable Typewriter

The Adler J-5 Portable Typewriter

This German Adler J5 portable vintage typewriter has a cool 2-tone blue and light gray color scheme and distinctive 1970's styling. The Adler J5 Precision Portable has a rigid plastic shell and hood with shiny chrome accent panels on the carriage.  The plastic casing is off-putting to some collectors, but I personally think it adds to the unique retro look of the J5. Adler J5 typewriters were made in black, white and this classic blue & gray airline color scheme. It has a slightly offbeat clunky Eastern European Cold War-era look to it, but the West German made Adler J5 is actually a quiet and very smoothly-operating typewriter. It includes its original carrying case, a black textured hard shell case with briefcase latches and Adler logo. The typewriter pictured is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. We meticulously cleaned it (short of dismantling the unit), I used my personal stash of genuine vintage Dr. Scat typewriter cleaner to treat the platen roller and strikers, there are no sticky or sluggish keys, and everything still works great. The entire unit measures approximately 13"W x 14"D x 5"H. Scroll down for more pictures and to see Adler J5 typewriters for sale. read more

Commodore C-8 Calculator

Commodore C-8 desk calculator

This circa 1973 Commodore C-8 vintage calculator is a classic desk model with large, easy-to-use keypad and 8-digit orange fluorescent gas display. Looking a bit like something out of a '60s Sci-Fi movie, the Canadian-made Commodore C-8 has classic retro style with an angular black casing and big and chunky keys. The fluorescent digital display has a Panaplex-like orange hue. A bold aluminum name badge is affixed to the top left of the casing, and the Commodore name also appears across the backside, too. It has a floating decimal point that adjusts automatically, and it has a slightly unusual display layout, calculating numbers and showing them at the left side of the screen instead of the right. The calculated answer is followed by a decimal and a series of zeros to hold the place of any of the unused 8-digits in the display. Its a sophisticated piece of machinery for its day, and its computer's calculations are executed in a half of a millisecond. This AC-only desktop model has a power cord hardwired in and does not accept batteries. Entire unit measures 9 inches x 6.75 inches x 2.5 inches. read more

Brother 100 Portable Vintage Typewriter

Brother 100 Portable Typewriter

This Japanese Brother 100 vintage typewriter was manufactured in the 1960s for SS Kresge / K-Mart department stores. Originally conceived and manufactured in 1961, this is the first model 100 typewriter design and Brother's first portable typewriter. This one has a K-Mart badge with the classic "K" logo, and is correctly identified with the number 100. It has fab retro style, with an offbeat, yet happy and cheerful buttery yellow finish coating the all-metal casing. It is a sturdily-built and smoothly-operating unit with a deceptively simple design, and is a consistent and trouble-free portable typewriter. It is small and lightweight, and has a snap-on hard shell cover with carrying handle for safe storage and easy portability. The casing measures 12 inches x 11.25 inches x 3.25 inches. read more

The Electro-Pointer and Vintage Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Electro-Pointer Pencil Sharpener


Welcome to our collection of vintage electric pencil sharpeners, including the beloved Electro-Pointer pencil sharpener.

This is an original 1940s Electro-Pointer electric pencil sharpener, manufactured by the Triple E Products / Stile Craft company of St. Louis, Missouri. Wiith classic Art Deco Machine Age styling and an effectively-engineered design, the Electro-Pointer works as good or better than today's modern electric models. A beautifully-formed black phenolic or bakelite housing that looks almost like a front fender and headlight of an old Buick. The Electro-Pointer has an aerodynamic fin shape that travels down the rear and front drawer, and the pencil hole size is adjusted from small, medium, and large by turning the circular border around the hole. The housing covers a typically over-engineered piece of early-1940s American machinery that looks more like something out of an airplane engine than an office desk accessory. The Electro-Pointer automatically turns on by simply inserting a pencil. It moves a lever that tilts a large mercury switch, which causes the motor to spin when the mercury bridges the electrical current. Its actually very fun to watch in action with the cover off, the exposed inner unit is bolted to a heavy slip-proof base, and the Electro-Pointer can actually be used without the black outer housing. The entire unit measures 5 7/8 inches x 3 5/8 inches x 8 1/4 inches. These models, like old sewing machines, need to be oiled. Speaking of sewing machines, sewing machine oil probably a better way to go than standard 3-in1 Oil. It is less viscous and less likely to hold graphite and shaving dust in the moving parts, which will eventually gunk up your Electro-Pointer motor and sharpeners. read more

Fox Typewriter Model 24

fox typewriter model 24

This early Fox typewriter model 24 is officially the oldest typewriter we have acquired to date. Having no backspace key, this machine dates somewhere between 1906 and 1909. It appears to be complete, but it unfortunately shows its age and then some. It will require a considerable amount of restoration before its ready for everyday use. We did some fairly meticulous cleaning and dusting with a wet rag, toothbrush and a vacuum cleaner, and it is still not the prettiest thing in the world, but you really should have seen the way it looked when we first brought it home. Much of the original paint is intact, as well as all of the beautiful graphics and that fabulous full-color Fox logo. Some of the celluloid keys are missing their letter markers, which is apparently a typical cosmetic flaw with this style of key. There is moderate rust on some of the chrome pieces, and more rust on the back side of the typewriter. The mechanics are also in need of repair. As rough as this machine looked, all the key strikes worked (they actually work beautifully, even without having cleaned them). Only two keys needed to be worked back and forth a few times before they worked as smoothly as the rest. The carriage will not advance or turn. The culprit seems to be a leather strap or cord which is completely missing from the pulley wheel on the back. The key strikes are the only thing that appear to be functioning properly at this time. As-is, this Fox No. 24 makes an interesting rustic display piece with beautiful early Industrial Machine Age style. However, it looks like it could eventually be restored to a useable condion, too. The chassis of the Fox typewriter model 24 measures 14 3/8"D x 10 3/4"W x 8"H. read more


swingline model 99 plier stapler

The Swingline 99 plier stapler

This handy little Swingline vintage stapler stapler is known as the number 99 plier, a compact hand-held stapler that is light, easy to use, and highly effective. It has a pleasing retro color scheme with bright red plastic handle and putty tan metal body with shiny chrome parts. It measures 4.25 inches in length. The Swingline 99 plier stapler comes in a variety of authentic mod retro colors, and they look great just sitting around on your desktop. We have a sincere love for vintage office supplies of all types, and we work hard to rescue the best staplers and get them back into everyday use. This Swingline 99 stapler is awesome and works like a rocket. They are an affordable way to introduce yourself to the wonderful world of collectible staplers! read more

Vintage Stamp Carousel Holders

standard vintage stamp carousel

The Standard Vintage Stamp Carousel

This Standard brand Art Deco vintage stamp carousel desktop holder was in fairly ugly shape when we found it, but we meticulously cleaned it with some #0000 steel wool, and it turned out in absolutely beautiful condition with no rust or corrosion and clean, highly polished chrome. We think we saw this vintage stamp carousel holder in George Bailey's office while we were watching It's a Wonderful Life last Christmas Eve! This particular model holds eight stamps and stands 6.5 inches tall with a maximum diameter of 8.5 inches. This is an essential Machine Age desk accessory that adds genuine style and sophistication to any office decor. We sold this one at auction, but check below for other fine vintage stamp carousels. read more

Vintage Royal Dental Stool Office Chairs

royal dental stool vintage office chair

This vintage Royal dental stool is a a great vintage office chair. This Royal dental stool Model R02 is an unbelievably sturdy commercial grade vintage office chair with rugged green vinyl upholstery that reminds us of riding the school bus. It has a well-made non-squeaky seat rotation, strong and easy to roll oversized caster wheels, and a smoothly working hydraulic seat height adjustment. It has a sliding adjustable seat back that can be screw-locked into position or left loose (which actually works great because the seat back pretty much stays in place at any depth without permanently screwing it in place) and the depth adjusts about 2.75 inches. Not only is it perfectly acceptable for a working office, but also makes an absolutely amazing computer desk chair (after all, it closely resembles a classic office stenographer's chair). This Royal dental stool, as well as their other models, is great for guitarists, musicians, tattoo artists, hobbyists, crafters, etc. Beyond its versatility and quality construction, it just looks great sitting in a room with it's simple, classic style and the touch of mid-century modern flair in the flowing design of the pedestal legs. The seat cushion surface measures 13 inches x 17 inches, the sturdy 5-leg non-tilt wheel base measures 23 inches across at widest point, and the seat height adjusts from approximately 17 inches to 22 inches. Royal Dental Products of Everett, Washington still manufactures this model (of course, they come with casters that aren't quite as cool looking as these chrome finish ones), and typical of commercial industrial medical and office equipment, they are unbelievably expensive. This particular chair was sold and shipped to Canada. Fortunately, you can get a quality piece of industrial-strength vintage office furniture without the commercial price by checking out these genuine vintage Royal office chairs we found for you below. read more