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Proton 320 Clock Radio

proton 320 clock radio

The Original Proton 320 Clock Radio...

This classic vintage 1983 Proton 320 clock radio was manufactured in 1983 by the Fleet Electronic Industrial Company of Taiwan. Selling for a whopping $100 (which was a ridiculously exorbitant price at the time for such a device), the Proton 320 was referred to by Fleet Electronics as "The Clock Radio". The name seems to fit, both in its successful achievement of pure functionality and quality, and the fact that both Nakamichi and The Sharper Image, names already synonymous with high quality and high style, re-branded numerous Fleet Proton clocks throughout the 1980s as their own! It was, and still is, considered to be one of the best-sounding clock radios ever made. First of all, it really does sound great, especially coming from a black plastic case measuring only 10.5 inches x 5.25 inches x 3.25 inches. It has much more bass and depth than one would imagine from something this small (and from something manufactured 30 years ago!). You can actually FEEL air forcing out of the speaker grill as you crank up the tunes. Both FM and AM radio reception is excellent, even using only the small attached wire antenna, and the AM band seems to be extrordinarily clear-sounding. The original Proton 320 has a strikingly modern look and sleek minimalist Space Age style, with a chunky black plastic case and simple round post knobs and push-buttons. The digital clock dial is a classic blue fluorescent gas LED display, and reads current time and alarm set time. It has two programmable alarms with buzzer/radio wakeup, snooze and sleep modes, and they can be simultaneously set (perfect as a backup if you tend to sleep through your first morning wake-up). There is no dimmer switch, but in true Space Age style, the Proton 320 has a light meter on its face that automatically dims the clock dial when the lighting in the room goes dark. The radio dial tuning needle is a cool floating yellow lighted LED. One item of note: a common problem with the Proton 320 clock radio is that either the floating LED burns out or the bulb that backlights the tuning dial, so check to be sure the lights work before you buy one (as you can see in the photos, the tuning dial numbers on this Proton 320 clock radio does not light up!). The Proton 320 clock radio is a must for audiophiles and music fans, as well as those who appreciate its authentic retro Modernist style. read more

Daka Pin Clock

The Daka Pin Clock

The Daka Designs Pin Clock is a high-tech time-telling device that works like those old pin art games. You know...the ones you used to play with in the Spencer Gifts store while you loitered at the mall on a Saturday afternoon. The Daka Pin Clock is a true analog digital clock, sort of like a modern day "flip clock", but with a twist. As the time changes, you hear a somewhat nostalgic little analog clicking sound as a select number of the 3,000 individual pins eject and retract to form the digital numbers. read more


sony dream machine ez-2

This vintage Sony Dream Machine EZ-II alarm clock radio has the short-lived, but now highly-sought-after EZ Alarm setting function, allowing the user to quickly and easily set the clock alarm by touching the Dream Bar and spinning the hour and minute dials located on the front of the unit. The casing is an attractive and rare champagne-color metallic silver-bronze. The tuning dial has a red LED tuning needle that lights up when the radio is turned on, and the AM/FM radio receives channels very well. Of course, being a Sony, it sounds great for a small alarm clock.  If you are interested in purchasing a similar atomic alarm clock, look below for special deals of rare collector's items. The blue fluorescent gas digital display has a photo-sensitive dimmer that automatically dims multiple steps down as the ambient light gets darker. When room lights are turned off, display automatically goes to dimmest setting. This Sony Dream Machine EZ-2 alarm clock was used, and does show a few minor scuffs and scratches, as well as a couple of small corner dings. It is very clean and is free of any serious cosmetic flaws that really detract from the appearance. All functions are tested and everything is in perfect working condition. The EZ-2 measures 9.5 inches x 5 inches x 2.5 inches. This Sony Dream Machine EZ-2 sold fast, but different examples of the EZ can be found regularly on eBay. 
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sonic dream machine copycat

The cube was a massively trendy shape for clock radio designs in the 1980s, popularized by the original Sony Dream Machine. Well, this ain't Sony...this is Sonic! The CR323 vintage alarm clock radio from Sonic Corporation has an unusual wedge shape geometric design that stands out a bit from the average cube-shaped Dream Machine copycats. It shows moderate wear and tear, but overall is clean and still looks good. All functions are operating properly and the unit measures 4.25 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches.  Cool wedge shaped alarm clock is what I am.  Ever wanted to cut your alarm clock in half?  Some one had that idea and did it.  The wedge alarm clock saves you twice the time somehow.  Not sure how, but you decrease your chances of something by half, IMO.  Not sure what, though. read more


sony dream machine ICF-C16W
Awesome Dream Machine

This vintage Sony Dream Machine ICF-C16W was manufactured in 1986 and has a cool rectangular block shape that sits at a slight upward angle. It has typically high-quality sound and radio reception with classic retro '80s style. The tuning dial needle lights up when the radio is turned on, and another red LED lights in the upper left front corner when the alarm is activated. The ICF-C16W has the same pleasant blue LED digital display seen on other Dream Machines of the early '80s. It was used, but still in excellent condition. It shows virtually no cosmetic wear, and all functions have been tested and are working properly. The Sony Dream Machine ICF-C16W vintage alarm clock radio measures 9.75 inches x 4 inches x 4 inches. This was a popular listing, and we had more than a few folks fighting for this one. It's no wonder, just look at this thing! Sony Dream Machines simply can't be beat for classic '80s style. Some folks just don't seem to appreciate these beautiful things yet, and great bargains can still be found on eBay. Check below for some fine examples of the classic Sony Dream Machine.
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howard miller world time wall clock

This vintage Howard Miller World Time wall clock is a true Mid-Century icon.

A brightly colored map sits behind glass in a stunning real walnut veneer casing and small windows in the map display the correct times. The clock is back lit for added visual appeal and excitement (there is a push button on top of the unit powers the bulb on and off). This particular model is different than many Howard Miller World Time wall clocks you will find on the market these days. Instead of a more classical and elaborate framing style, this one has simple, modern stainless steel border strips framing the glass window. It really makes a much more clean and sophisticated accent piece for the home or office. Three eye screws were installed into the upper rear cabinet. They don't appear to be original, but we left them installed for easy hanging. There are a couple of scuffs on the corners and some fine dust specks under the glass. Otherwise this thing is in excellent condition and ready to be displayed and used! It measures 25 5/8 inches x 19 inches x 4 1/4 inches. This Howard Miller World Time wall clock sold to a very happy customer and was shipped to its rightful home in Palm Springs! World Time clocks are no longer manufactured, but they can always be found on eBay.
Howard Miller clocks are known worldwide as finely-crafted, highly stylized, beautiful timepieces. They always make a striking decorative statement in any environment and range from the most traditional of styles to wild Jetsons-inspired retro Space Age designs. The Howard Miller World Time Wall Clock is truly a gift for the retro lover who has it all. read more


space age eames era clock lamp

This Cosmo Clock brand Eames Era digital alarm clock is also a reading / desk lamp. The Cosmo 5500 is a chunky geometric Space Age cube-shaped clock that converts into a light when the hood is pulled up. A chrome metal hinge arm allows the lamp to be adjusted in various positions. The lamp has a High-Low-Off switch, but also has a button built into the base that automatically turns the light off when shut. The clock keeps perfect time, the alarm works, too, and has a classic beeping buzztone. However, the display blinks in conjunction with the seconds count. It looks like it is permenently stuck in "set" mode. The setting buttons are on the rear, and there is also a switch that locks and unlocks the controls. I would assume that switching it to locked position would cease the blinking on the display, but it doesn't. It does lock the controls, and it cannot be set in the locked position, but it just keeps blinking as it keeps perfect time. The other flaw is that the top of the white plastic outer shell has yellowed with age (you can find instructions on the internet with a recipe of household chemicals that can be used to turn yellowed vintage plastics white again). Entire unit measures 6 inches x 4.75 inches x 4.25 inches. read more


sony 8FC-55W

This vintage alarm clock radio model Sony 8FC-55W has a lighted analog dial, Telechron clock movement, and receives AM and FM radio signals. As you know we have and bring you the best and coolest vintage, mid century and retro electronics in the world such as this killer radio.  It rests in a real wood veneer cabinet and sits elevated on modern black pencil leg-shaped plastic feet. It has quintessential Mid-Century style and would make a sleek, yet comforting and nostalgic accessory in any decor.

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tamura lumitime

 The Tamura Lumitime digital clock is one of the most fascinating electrical gadgets of the 1970s. Check out our Tamura Lumitime clocks below and watch our video to find out why!

Tamura Lumitime C-101

This rare and beautiful Tamura Lumitime clock is the very hard-to-find model C-101. Classic Space Age retro futuristic design abounds on this black and brushed aluminum C-101, and though this clock is from the 1970s, its ultra-modern style looks a lot like a high-end item from last season's Sharper Image catalog. Enough about the sleek and stylish design, because the display is the real attraction. It has a wonderful retro orange imitation panaplex-style display with a psychedelic starburst light design that smoothly pulsates and moves in a hypnotic fashion. The big and bright orange display is not a true LED, because the Lumitime is really a fully analog flip clock that mimics LED! We found a non-running Tamura Lumitime, and when I opened it up to take a look, I found dozens of tiny orange fluorescent fuse bulbs mounted in "8"-shaped patterns. As the clock motor turns, a series of tiny wheels rotate across copper terminals, causing the bulbs to cut on and off in a fashion that creates the digital numerals. Wow, it almost seems more complicated than modern LED displays! The Tamura Lumitime C-101 has a Hi-Lo dimmer switch is on the rear if you desire a lower level of that warm orange glow. The clock is AC powered only and does not use batteries. This Lumitime was used, and did have a few problems. The clock and starburst pattern were both working fine, but the alarm function was broken. I could hear a click when the alarm goes off, but no buzzing sound. These are complicated and testy things, but they are made of basic electronics and mechanics. There are obviously no computer chips in this thing, so if you consider yourself an intermediate mechanical electronics tinkerer, you may be able to repair and maintain Tamura Lumitime clocks. However, the clock mechanism has multiple complicated layers of plastic cogs, gears and wheels. One mistake, and you may never be able to get them back together again in the proper order! The Tamura Lumitime C-101 measures 10 7/8 inches x 4 1/4 inches x 3 1/8 inches, and looks fab in any modern environment. Scroll down to check out our rare Tamura Lumitime C-41! read more


sony dream machine ICF-C20W

This vintage Sony Dream Machine model ICF-C20W alarm clock radio is from 1981 and is atypical of the classic white cube design, opting for a cool silver, chrome and brushed steel finish and an elongated rectangular shape. It has excellent sound and radio reception and a brightness knob that allows fine adjustment of the aqua blue lighted led dial from complete darkness to extremely bright. It has a "dual tuning" feature with separate AM and FM tuners and dial needles. The dial lights up when the radio is turned on and is off when the radio is not in use. The unit was used and shows some scuffs and scratches, mostly along the front edge of the Dreambar and along the back top edge. There is also a small crack in the plastic shell. It is located on the top right rear corner (see last photo). Otherwise, the unit is meticulously clean and all functions are in working order. It measures 10.5 inches x 4.5 inches x 2.5 inches. This item is sold...browse more vintage Sony Dream Machines below and scroll to the bottom of the page for more photos of the ICF-C20W Dream Machine. read more