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Vintage Panasonic Electric Fans

Vintage Panasonic Electric Fan

This 1980's vintage Panasonic electric fan has a big 16-inch translucent acrylic blade in a gray smoky quartz tone. Its basically your classic early-1980's Galaxy style table fan, only super-sized! The Panasonic F1609C is a 3-speed oscillating model with a sleek black, white and gray color scheme, and a spacey control panel with lozenge-shaped buttons. read more

Kirby Sanitronic Vacuum Cleaners

Kirby Sanitronic Dual 80

This 1967 Kirby Sanitronic Dual 80 vacuum cleaner has unmistakable vintage Kirby style. It should, as the Sanitronic Dual 80 was the last model of the first series of highly popular Kirby vacs. It retains that amazing Art Deco era polished cast aluminum alloy body, which looks more like something that fell out of the engine of a B-17 bomber than a common household appliance. After nearly 50 years, this Kirby is still alive and kicking.It has a fab green color scheme, slightly atypical to the quintessential red trim machines, and gives it a genuine '60s style. As with most vintage Kirbys, this thing has suction and power you have to see to believe. The thing jumps to life when the power button is stomped, and you know immediately that it means business as it tries to pull you along the carpet like an excited dog on a leash. They just don't make 'em like they used to! No wonder they called it "Jaws" in the American comedy classic Mr. Mom! Here's an important note about Kirby vacuum cleaners...I dismantled this thing, cleaned, polished and detailed it inside and out, and I got a most unpleasant surprise when I reassembled no longer worked! This has happened to me before on another Kirby that has been in storage for a long time. I decided that this couldn't have happened to me twice with two different models, so I finally decided to do some research. Turns out these Kirby vacs have safety switches that prevent them from turning on when not engaged! There is a little push button under the protruding motor shaft, and if you don' t line up the brush head just right, the switch won't engage and the vacuum won't turn on! We wrestled with the thought of discarding that other Kirby for a long time, and we are so glad we didn't! I will be pulling it out of storage before long for a rehaul. Check below for vintage Kirby Sanitronic vacuum cleaners for sale on the internet! read more

Vintage Rexair Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Rexair Rainbow Model B

 The Rexair Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner - The Machine of Tomorrow...Today!

The Rexair Rainbow has been "washing air" since 1929, starting with their Model A and Model B units, and continuing with the Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaners that are still highly sought after today for their unique cleaning power. Here are a few Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaners that span the long history of this company. You can also find some nice new, refurbished and vintage Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaners for sale on this page. read more

Vintage Emerson Junior Fans

emerson junior fan

The Emerson Junior Fan

This red badge Emerson Junior fan model 2660-C vintage electric fan has a 12-inch diameter pancake blades, a ridiculously heavy cast iron base, and a beautifully-styled cage. First produced in 1939, it is finished in a classic Machine Age gray with a bullet back and V-shaped cage, and functions at two speeds with an optional oscillator function. This vintage electric fan shows its age, and has some discoloration and patina in the metal finishes, but it has been dismantled and thoroughly cleaned (as we do with all vintage fans we sell). The metal is polished and there is only faint rust or corrosion. The blades are clean and in excellent condition, and the paint is all original. Some of the wiring, however, does not appear to be original...but it's definitely old. Everything is sturdy and wired correctly, and the fan still works perfectly. Completely rewiring it is not a very difficult task, but it appears to be working just fine as it is. This is a clean and useable example of a classic American fan. It works as good as it did over 70 years ago, is stronger and quieter than anything made today, and the style cannot be beat. The Emerson Junior fan stands approximately 16.5 inches tall. read more

Westinghouse Riviera Vintage Electric Fan

westinghouse riviera vintage electric fan

This Atomic Age Westinghouse Riviera vintage electric fan is not only one of the neatest looking fans ever designed, it is also one of the best-working fans we have ever experienced. The Westinghouse Riviera vintage electric fan has a powerful wind tunnel effect that seems to shoot a blast of air in a straight line. The futuristic aerodynamic quality of the housing and blade cover grill not only look a jet engine, but must have something to do with the sheer power in this compact 10-inch blade fan. This Westinghouse Riviera model R-1500 is an early version, with solid steel chrome tubular legs and hinges. The all-plastic housing is molded in classic Machine Age putty gray, and the metal blades and motor are painted to match. We meticulously cleaned this Westinghouse Riviera inside and out, like we do with all vintage electric fans we rescue. read more

Vintage Thermostats

vintage honeywell thermostats

Using Vintage Thermostats for a furnace heating & central air conditioning system is an easy way to add authentic retro style to your existing home decor. The thermostat is pretty much used on a daily basis, so instead of having to look at and mess with those ugly plastic digital boxes, why not make your temperature adjustments on one that was aesthetically designed and one with a genuine sense of nostalgia? We here at have seen the value in seemingly "mundane" vintage household electronics like thermostats for years because they have loads more style than their "modern" counterparts, they had a higher standard of manufacturing and design quality, and they still work (sometimes better than the new version) why not appreciate them? read more

Airway Vacuum Cleaners

airway vacuum cleaner

Vintage Airway Vacuum Cleaner

This Mid-Century Airway Sanitizor Model 88 was originally purchased on December 16, 1963 for $226.09 (less a $39.09 used trade-in) at Airway Appliances Inc in Columbus, OH. This amazing Atomic-era vintage vacuum cleaner was going to be thrown in the garbage before we asked if we could take it home with us! Unfortunately, it did not turn on when plugged in and there was a rather large dent in the side of the can, but it did have all of the attachments, as well as a swell metal attachment holder, an unused vacuum bag, four fiberglass filters, the instruction book, return envelopes for ordering vacuum bags from the manufacturer, even the purchase receipt from the original Airway Manufacturer Showroom in Columbus, Ohio! The vacuum cleaner and attachments did show normal wear from years of use, but everything was fairly clean and all brushes were still in good shape. Apparently, someone has plans for it, because it has since been sold, and hopefully it is back to doing what it was meant to do. The Airway Sanitizor 88 has a truly fabulous retro design and the complete set of attachments with hanging carrier could actually make vacuuming the house fun! The canister measures approximately 22 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches. Airway vacuum cleaners have great Mid-Century Atomic style and are genuinely attractive household appliances. read more

Vintage Box Fans

A Vintage Box Fan is a stylish and highly effective way to stay cool in warm weather. These old fans were crafted with quality and pride in the USA and are built to last for decades to come. Check out some great fans from our personal collection and find yourself a vintage box fan for sale! read more