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max headroom rubber halloween mask

This authentic vintage 1980s Max Headroom rubber Halloween mask fits all the way over the head and closes with a Velcro strip down the center of the back. The mask was used and has split up the back, traveling past the factory-made slit up the back (see last two photos). It can be fixed easily from the inside with some tape or rubber patch. It's a large mask, one size fits all. A quintessential retro 1980s Halloween costume, just add your own suit and tie and be the hit of the party without loads of effort! read more

Point Break Masks with Ronald Reagan

ronald reagan point break mask

There have always been a variety of funny Ronald Reagan masks floating around since the early '80s, but this is the real deal Point Break Mask. This authentic César brand molded rubber vintage Halloween mask is from 1980 and was designed and manufactured with amazing of detail and coloring. This is not the mask from Point Break, the classic 1991 American film from the director of The Hurt Locker. Those masks were apparently made specifically for the movie and were never sold to the public. However, the artist did use this and three other vintage César president masks as a reference. This Point Break Mask is about as close as you can get to the real Point Break mask without buying an actual film prop. A great collectible for fans of the late great Patrick Swayze, a timeless classic retro 1980s Halloween costume mask...a fun rally tool for Tea Party Members? Ronnie is in excellent condition with no rips, holes, cracks, stains, or other damage and the Point Break mask is very clean inside and out. read more


vintage halloween mask

This freaky ghoul vintage Halloween paper mask was made in the '80s by Amscan and is still brand new, sealed in original package. Ghouls are like the bottom-feeders of horror monsters, which make them the creepiest! Forget vampires, they're fashionable enough at the moment, same with the hoards of flesh-eating zombies, but fads come and go. This Halloween, why not go old-school? Why not go full-ghoul?! Mask measures 8 3/8 inches x 6 3/4 inches.
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