Vintage Hand-Crank Shredder Slicer Chopper

food master vintage crank kitchen shredderThis 1955 vintage Kitchen-Quip brand Foodmaster kitchen slicer shredder chopper is the "Deluxe Five Cone Model", complete with all five cones and the original instruction book with recipes. The Foodmaster is constructed of solid aluminum with heavy-duty stainless steel cutting cones and has a nice bright red embossed logo. The black rubber suction feet still work well and hold the Foodmaster in place on countertop surfaces when in use. The item was used and shows minor wear and tear, but is still in very good condition. A few of the cones have small rust spots where they attach to the crank mechanism (not on the cutting blades or food surfaces). The blades are still very sharp. The front and back covers of the instruction book are loose (see last photo). The assembled Foodmaster measures 9 inches tall and was manufactured by Kitchen-Quip of Waterloo, Indiana.




Everyone loves fun stuff for the kitchen. We always look for fun stuff to make this the coolest online ebay store.  It makes cooking more fun. That is what you get with this classic kitchen product. The Kitchen-Quip Foodmaster hand crank is what you need for some great meals at home with the family. When you kids see you slaving in the kitchen with this piece of machinery, they know that they will owe you big time for all of your hard work in the kitchen. But, remember how much fun it will be to make everything in the meal perfectly with the exact utensil to make it work. Your food will never taste better with all of the hard you work you put into the meal with this hand crank shredder chopper and slicer. Enjoy and bon appetit.

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