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1970s Rain Lamp

rain lamp

The mineral oil rain lamp is among the truly quintessential oddities of the 1970's. The earliest rain lamp I can find appeared in a 1973 newspaper advertisement, retailing at a cost of $149.99 . Rain lamp ads came with tag lines like, "To see it is to love it", "A real conversation piece", "Fascinating to watch it work",  "A fresh new idea that dramatizes any room", and "One of the most unique designer lamps ever seen". This amazing motion lamp electrically pumps mineral oil from the hidden well in the base up to the top of the lamp, where it cascades down a series of thin nylon filament strands. The result is a beautiful display of continuous dripping and shimmering cross-patterns of tropical rain. read more

Mid-Century Modern Lucite Chandelier

mid-century lucite chandelier

This stunning Mid-Century Modern lucite acrylic ribbon chandelier has a gold/brass metal frame with fifteen solid acrylic hoops that hang in a nested fashion. Inside is an elaborate sputnik-esque light fixture with nine separate sockets radiating outward. The fixture is attached to a 70-inch long swag chain with a ceiling cap attached at the end. We don't know the manufacturer or designer, but these lamps have an opulent turn-of-the-80's style that fits in perfectly with that decadent era. The assembled light measures approximately 20 inches in length and 14 inches at widest point. It accepts type "B" candelabra or small round vanity light bulbs rated up to 40 watts. A simple AC plug can be attached to the existing wiring to create a plug-in swag lamp, which can actually be done to most pendant-style ceiling fixtures. read more

Clover Lamp Company Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Clover Lamp Company floor lamp

This Clover Lamp Company mid-century modern floor lamp has a tubular metal body with a smooth 45-degree angled arm that holds three dome-shaped canister spotlights. It has a sleek space age design coupled with down-to-earth utilitarian usefulness and an unmistakable 1970's contemporary modern look. This all-metal lamp has a shiny brass finish and stands approximately 70 inches tall with shades measuring 4 7/8 inches in diameter and 5 1/4 inches in length. The spotlights are adjustable at any angle and the three-way switch on the pole lights one, then two, then all three bulbs. This Mid-Century Modern lamp was made in Royersford, PA by the Clover Lamp Company, who manufactured high-end contemporary lighting well into the 1980s. Finding any historical information about the Clover Lamp Co. is difficult, which seems unusual considering the craftsmanship and cutting-edge styles of these lamps. They are extremely well-made of heavy-duty, high-quality materials. They also have consistent design aesthetic that can only be described as "quintessentially retro", liberally borrowing from contemporary Danish and Italian styles from the 1950s-1980s. As far as design and quality goes, Clover Lamps are on par with Lightolier and other big manufacturers of the day. Some have misidentified Clover lamps as being made by the Italian Reggiani firm, and there are a couple of Clover lamps with a virtually identical design (it is possible these designs were actually licensed from Reggiani, which would make the confusion completely understandable). The Clover Lamp plant, located right on Main Street in Royersford, was the former manufacturing facility of Diamond / Anchor Glass. The building still exists today, though it has now been converted into an apartment complex. Scroll down to find Mid-Century Modern Clover Lamps for sale! read more

Vintage Patio Party Lights

patio party lights

Vintage Patio Party Lights are a popular collectible among lovers of retro decor and people who just love the nostalgic memories of the campgrounds visited during family vacations. String lights, RV lights, or Tiki lanterns are just a few of the alternate names this fun retro lighting goes by. Check out our personal collection of vintage patio party lights, and find some amazing sets for sale on the internet. read more

Tension Pole Lamps

tension pole lamp

The vintage tension pole lamp...

also known as pole lamps, tension lamps, or floor to ceiling lamps, are a quintessential lighting feature for lovers of retro 1960's and 1970's interior design. Tension pole lamps add a visually striking architectural feature to any room, while they also provide highly versatile task or accent lighting. Vintage tension pole lamps come in many different styles, from the wild and colorful to the sleek and tasteful. read more


mid-century bullet lamp

This Mid-Century Modern bullet lamp flood light / ceiling fixture / wall sconce is actually an industrial indoor / outdoor model made of heavy-duty cast aluminum. It has an unmistakable retro Buck Rogers style and would be an amazing accent light for patio, porch, etc. The lamp was manufactured by Stonco of Kenilworth, NJ, who are still manufacturing industrial / commercial lighting today. It is used, and shows moderate wear and tear. No mounting screws are included, and the original rubber gasket that makes the base waterproof is also gone. Funny enough, you can actually purchase identical new old stock plates for this lamp on eBay for under $4.00. They include mounting screws and the rubber waterproof gasket (just search for Stonco 4B Hole Cover). The bullet lamp shades each measures 6 inches in diameter and stand approximately 8 inches tall to the end of the ball joint. This lamp has sold, but beautiful and unusual exterior outdoor vintage light fixtures are on eBay right now.

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panton era postmodern lamp

This amazing Panton / Eames Era Space Age lamp has five separate bulb sockets on tubular metal poles that travel straight up and arc and drip back down. A huge and stunning piece of quintessential retro lighting, it has a shiny gold contempo finish. The metal tubes are set into a tall, heavy base with a natural cork accent. The 3-way switch powers either 2, 3, or all 5 lamps at once. It was used, and shows very minor wear, mainly in the form of some hazing/discoloration on the tops of the two tallest arcs. There are no dents or bent metal, all wiring and sockets are working perfectly, the cork is in excellent shape with no stains or damage. It has an intimidating size, reaching a total of 41 inches from base to top of highest arc. It holds any regular incandescent bulb (bulbs shown in photos are not included, they are white 5" vanity bulbs). read more


panton magnetic spotlight lamp

This amazing retro eyeball lamp has a distinctive Panton-Era design with a smooth white metal globe shade. What makes this space age lamp interesting is the magnetic base the white globe sits on. The globe snaps down securely on the black graphite plastic base, and can be rotated and moved around in any position, making it the perfect spotlight or accent lamp. The black interior socket/cage slides pops out of the globe shade for easy cleaning or bulb changing. The lamp is in excellent condition, works perfectly and includes the spotlight bulb shown in the photos. There is only one cosmetic flaw; a small scuff on the white shade (see last photo). The shade can, of course, be adjusted to hide the flaw entirely. We have no idea who designed or manufactured this lamp, there is only a small sticker under the base that reads Made in Taiwan. The lamp stands approximately 7 inches tall, the globe is approximately 4 inches in diameter.
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mid-century bullet light

Bullet light lamp fixtures are a staple of Mid-Century Modern design and add instant authentic style to any decor.

This collection of Mid-Century Modern bullet light wall / ceiling fixtures have gold-tone spun aluminum shades with decorative accent hole patterns and have fully adjustable attachments.

There are two different brands here; the twin sconce was made by Bee Line Lighting and the two single cans were manufactured by Ward Engineering of California. The shades and bases of the bullet light set are identical in size and design. The only noticeable difference is that the Bee Line twin sconce has a matte white painted inner lining and the two Ward lights are a natural silver aluminum finish. The bullet lamps all have 5 inch diameter bases and stand approximately 10.5 inches tall in vertical position. The ceiling fixtures / wall sconces were used, and did have a few minor scuffs. The twin bullet light fixture had some faint light-color corrosion. Overall, they were still shiny, free of dents (not an easy thing to find!) and will look absolutely amazing when installed. This bullet light set sold quickly, but other bullet light fixtures and desktop bullet lamps are always available on eBay!

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