Vintage War Patches



This authentic World War II Royal Canadian Air Force patch for Gander Field has a great logo of a goose in a leather flying helmet. Gander Field was an airstrip in Newfoundland, used by Canadian Forces during World War II. The Gander International Airport is still in operation today. Though the patch has plenty of authentic war grease, the emblem and wonderful embroidered details on the wool felt patch are still intact and in very good condition. Patch measures approximately 5 inches in diameter. It is up for auction now and is receiving much interest already.

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World War II patches are rare items and make great gifts for all types of people from collectors of war items, people who love fashion and vintage styles, and those who fought in those wars. We are working on a full collection of WWII patches and other items for sale shortly. This particular patch is really cool looking. I could see you sewing it onto a nice jacket or military jacket. Many people do not realize that the Canadians helped and fought along side the American and Allied troops during World War II. What better way to show your support for the veterans of WWII and WWI by getting this patch and proudly wearing it on your sleeve. Support the past good wars as we wind down. This was called the Greatest Generation, but not sure if they call them that in Canada. They probably do. Be sure to check out the above RCAF vintage Canadian WWI Patch for purchase right now on Ebay.

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