white vintage tv


white vintage tvThis Panasonic 1970s Space Age vintage TV has an ultra-modern white shell and a 12-inch color screen.

The Panasonic Quintrix II color model CT-218 vintage TV has picture-sharpening Quintrix technology…

…which “makes you feel like you’re part of the picture” (as Panasonic said in 1978).It has a very cool retro Space Odyssey appearance, thanks to its 2-tone color scheme, off-white plastic cabinet and stylish flat pedestal base. The UHF and VHF channel displays are a pleasant back lit fluorescent green. It is, of course, equipped with classic old-school screw post terminals on the back so you can hook up your Atari 2600 or equivalent retro gaming console. This Quintrix II vintage TV was a pretty high-tech piece of equipment for its day. In addition to the standard UHF/VHF terminals, it also has a genuine coaxial cable input, a rare feature for a 1970s vintage TV. Use it to connect a VCR, DVD player, Nintendo NES, Sega Genesis, etc. The vintage TV is in working condition, though the front picture quality controls probably need to be cleaned, because they need a little “jiggling” sometimes to get the desired picture. Otherwise, everything is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. This 1978 vintage TV looks barely used and the cabinet shows only a few minor light scuffs. It measures 18 inches x 14.5 inches x 13.25 inches.