proton 320 clock radio

Proton 320 Clock Radio

The Original Proton 320 Clock Radio…

proton 320 clock radio

This classic vintage 1983 Proton 320 clock radio was manufactured in 1983 by the Fleet Electronic Industrial Company of Taiwan. Selling for a whopping $100 (which was a ridiculously exorbitant price at the time for such a device), the Proton 320 was referred to by Fleet Electronics as “The Clock Radio”. The name seems to fit, both in its successful achievement of pure functionality and quality, and the fact that both Nakamichi and The Sharper Image, names already synonymous with high quality and high style, re-branded numerous Fleet Proton clocks throughout the 1980s as their own! It was, and still is, considered to be one of the best-sounding clock radios ever made. First of all, it really does sound great, especially coming from a black plastic case measuring only 10.5 inches x 5.25 inches x 3.25 inches.proton 320 clock radio display It has much more bass and depth than one would imagine from something this small (and from something manufactured 30 years ago!). You can actually FEEL air forcing out of the speaker grill as you crank up the tunes. Both FM and AM radio reception is excellent, even using only the small attached wire antenna, and the AM band seems to be extrordinarily clear-sounding. The original Proton 320 has a strikingly modern look and sleek minimalist Space Age style, with a chunky black plastic case and simple round post knobs and push-buttons. The digital clock dial is a classic blue fluorescent gas LED display, and reads current time and alarm set time. It has two programmable alarms with buzzer/radio wakeup, snooze and sleep modes, and they can be simultaneously set (perfect as a backup if you tend to sleep through your first morning wake-up). There is no dimmer switch, but in true Space Age style, the Proton 320 has a light meter on its face that automatically dims the clock dial when the lighting in the room goes dark. The radio dial tuning needle is a cool floating yellow lighted LED. One item of note: a common problem with the Proton 320 clock radio is that either the floating LED burns out or the bulb that backlights the tuning dial, so check to be sure the lights work before you buy one (as you can see in the photos, the tuning dial numbers on this Proton 320 clock radio does not light up!). The Proton 320 clock radio is a must for audiophiles and music fans, as well as those who appreciate its authentic retro Modernist style.

Your ears will thank you when you buy a Proton 320 Clock Radio!

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