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Panasonic R-12 “Spinet” AM Radio

Panasonic R-12 Spinet AM Radio

The Panasonic R-12 "Spinet" AM transistor radio was conceived and designed during Matsushita's heyday of wild and crazy mod concept electronics. This standard tabletop model has nothing standard about its design, with a round cylinder casing measuring 3.75 inches in diameter. The circa 1970 Panasonic R-12 Spinet has ultra-modern space age styling, with a ribbed black cylindrical body and a cool speedometer-like round display dial. This classic Modernist electronic masterpiece has a brushed aluminum face and accent band, as well as a shiny chrome boomerang-shaped platform. read more

Akai CR-83D 8-Track Tape Recorder

Akai CR-83D 8-Track Tape Recorder

This 1974 Akai CR-83D 8-track tape recorder / player is an awesome standalone unit with super-sleek looks and high-quality recording and playback. The perfect device to enjoy your old 8-tracks on, the Akai CR-83D has twin lighted analog needle VU meters that monitor both recording and playback, separate left and right record level control knobs, multiple play modes and auto stop function, pause and fast-forward capabilities, and a cool lighted counter timer that looks and works like a real clock. read more

Casio Rapman

Casio Rapman

This 1991 Casio Rapman RAP-1 vintage electronic keyboard has 25 tone presets and 30 rap beats / patterns, along with a rotating "scratch pad" and percussion buttons. It has a mic input, and the Rapman can alter your voice with the "Voice Effector" and "Vocoder", giving your vocals a freaky harmonizer Skinny Puppy vibe. It has a onboard loudspeaker, as well as a 1/8" output for amplification and mixing/recording. It is powered by a fistful of AA batteries or an AC adapter, which was originally included with the Rapman, along with a tiny toy microphone. Fortunately, you can buy these loose without accessories and use your own universal AC adapter and microphone. In fact, we tested ours using a Shure SM-58 and a mono 1/8" adapter tip to connect the 1/4" mic plug. The Casio Rapman measures 20 inches x 8 inches x 2.25 inches. Scroll down for more pictures of the Casio Rapman. read more

The Apple iPod Hi-Fi Boombox A1121

Apple iPod Hi-Fi Boombox A1121


The Apple iPod Hi-Fi Boombox model A1121 packs some of the best sound quality we have ever heard from a portable stereo. It delivers a rich and full spectrum of tones with a perfect blend of deep bass, mid-range punch and bright highs. The iPod Hi-Fi Boombox has an AC power cord that is connected to the rear panel, or can be powered by four "D" cell batteries.  The styling of the iPod Hi-Fi A1121 is classic Apple minimalism...a simple rectangular box with smooth rounded corners and a bright gloss white finish. A black fabric grill screen covers the three onboard speakers and bass ports, shown below... read more

Weird Record Players & Novelty Turntables

Here's our collection of somewhat silly, slightly offbeat, and downright fun vintage turntable record players that are more high-style than hi-fi. Miniature portable hand-held units, colorful briefcase models, onboard flashing psychidelic disco lights...the emphasis here is on appearance, not audio quality, so check out these cool pics and see our videos of these amazing devices playing obscure and forgotten hits! read more

SAE 5000A Impulse Noise Reduction System

SAE 5000A Impulse Noise Reduction System

This Scientific Audio Electronics SAE 5000A Impulse Noise Reduction System is designed to remove pops and scratches in vinyl records during playback. The SAE 5000A measures 10 3/4 inches x 8 3/8 inches x 3 inches and is comprised of a textured black aluminum casing with solid walnut side panels and a black anodized brushed aluminum face. Manufactured by Scientific Audio Electronics of Los Angeles, California, this is an upgrade to the original SAE 5000, and this particular unit has a date code of March, 1980. The SAE 5000A is deceivingly simple to operate, but if you are not familiar with it, connecting and operating it can be a daunting task. read more

Electro-Voice E-V Four Speakers

electro-voice e-v four speakers

This set of 1960s Electro-Voice E-V Four speakers (alternate spellings include EV4, EV-4 or EV Four) are an awe-inspiring set of legendary monster speakers made in Buchanan, Michigan.  The original shipping carton has a catchy and truthful brand slogan: Electro-Voice...Your Finest Choice. Each E-V Four speaker cabinet measures 25 inches x 14 inches x 13.5 inches, and they were sold over the years with different finishes and wood types. This particular pair is made of solid hardwood maple planks, while others have plywood / particle board walls with real wood veneers (we have owned a pair of each, and you can see them further down the page). The complete specifications / user instructions are not on paper labels (like the veneer set just mentioned), but actually screen printed on the painted back panels of each speaker cabinet. This set of E-V Four speakers was originally sold unfinished and the cabinets were hand-stained by the original owner to match his existing furniture! The grill screen covers are made of black woven wicker with a blonde wicker overlay pattern, and the style and craftsmanship of these EV-Four speakers add a genuine touch of class to your home decor. Inside each heavy-duty cabinet is a rugged horn tweeter, a 5 inch mid-range driver, and a most rugged 12 inch speaker that looks like something that fell out of the engine of a jet plane. Check out the following images to see what we're talking about... read more

Isis Model 20 Radio radio

Isis Radio model 20

The Isis Model 20 Radio Radio

This original Isis model 20-1 radio has an iconic Pop-Art flair with quintessential turn-of-the-80s retro style. Sometimes called the Radio radio, the model 20 was manufactured in 1980 for Isis of Charleroi, Belgium. It has a molded red plastic cabinet shaped like the word "radio" in all capital letters. This amazing AM FM transistor radio gets very good reception and has a single mono speaker built into the "O" in RADIO...where else would it go? The power / volume and tuning knobs are located in the top and side of the "O", too. A telescoping antenna is hidden on the rear of the bright red plastic casing. This Warhol-esque piece of in-your-face Post Modern fun measures 10 inches x 3 inches x 2.5 inches, but makes a much larger decorative visual impact. These Isis Model 20 radios were made in a variety of color schemes, and some of them have different speaker grill covers. We really like the red one, though. The color really pops in any room. This Isis model 20 radio was well-loved, and it does have some flaws. The red plastic has scratches, scuffs and hazy spots. There is some structural damage, too. The rear battery compartment covering is cracked and the battery cover is missing. The original 9V battery connector has been replaced with a new one. The cracked casing can only be seen from the rear. The radio is very clean, it works great, and it still looks good despite the damage. Check below to see examples of other Isis radios for sale on the internet. read more