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Akai AM-2200 Amplifier

Akai AM-2200 amplifier

The Akai AM-2200 was manufactured between 1976 and 1979. Its an integrated amplifier rated at 20 watts-per-channel and has quintessential 1970's style with all-aluminum face, knobs and buttons. The Akai AM-2200 is a slightly obscure model, originally designed to compliment the Akai AT-2200 AM/FM tuner, but is still well-respected by its past and current owners. It has dedicated magnetic phono turntable, aux, and tuner inputs, as well as two tape in/outs and an old-school DIN socket. Everything is housed in a classic faux walnut vinyl veneer cabinet, and the entire unit measures 15 inches x 8 7/8 inches x 4 5/8 inches. Like many higher-end hi-fi stereo amps and receivers of its era, it has dedicated outputs for two sets of speakers, stereo/mono output selector, a loudness booster, and high and low frequency cut filters. The Akai AM-2200 was never designed to blow the roof off the sucker, but it is a solid mid-powered amp and still sounds great at high volume.  read more

The Ronco Record Vacuum

Ronco Record Vacuum

The original 1976 Ronco Record Vacuum!  Manufactured for Ronco Teleproducts by Southbury Manufacturing of South Britain, Connecticut, the Ronco Record Vacuum is an ingenious battery-operated device that  seems like such a ridiculous novelty that you'd think it couldn't possibly work, and...well, the jury's still out. The Ronco Record Vacuum automatically spins your vinyl through foam rubber cleaning brushes and hidden anti-static foil sheets. During this process, a "powerful" vacuum cleaner sucks away the loose dust particles and blasts them out of a small exhaust vent. read more

Sherwood S-7900A Receiver

Sherwood S-7900A Receiver

Sherwood Receiver S-7900A

This 1974-1975 vintage Sherwood AM / FM stereo receiver model S-7900A was a high-end unit from the Chicago company, clocking in at a respectable $479.95 retail price. This American-made unit has 60 watts per channel and a variety of unusual extras, including a dedicated mono speaker connection, front and rear "Dynaquad" speaker hookups, inputs for a four-channel quadraphonic adapter (and an FM quad adapter), and a tank-like build with a 3-piece brushed aluminum face and heavy-duty black steel cabinet. Bold blue backlit tuning dial and a lighted analog center tuning needle meter give it that unmistakably classic vintage hi-fi look. Entire unit measures 16.5 inches x 13 inches x 5.5 inches. read more

Akai CR-83D 8-Track Tape Recorder

Akai CR-83D 8-Track Tape Recorder

This 1974 Akai CR-83D 8-track tape recorder / player is an awesome standalone unit with super-sleek looks and high-quality recording and playback. The perfect device to enjoy your old 8-tracks on, the Akai CR-83D has twin lighted analog needle VU meters that monitor both recording and playback, separate left and right record level control knobs, multiple play modes and auto stop function, pause and fast-forward capabilities, and a cool lighted counter timer that looks and works like a real clock. read more

Weird Record Players & Novelty Turntables

Here's our collection of somewhat silly, slightly offbeat, and downright fun vintage turntable record players that are more high-style than hi-fi. Miniature portable hand-held units, colorful briefcase models, onboard flashing psychidelic disco lights...the emphasis here is on appearance, not audio quality, so check out these cool pics and see our videos of these amazing devices playing obscure and forgotten hits! read more

SAE 5000A Impulse Noise Reduction System

SAE 5000A Impulse Noise Reduction System

This Scientific Audio Electronics SAE 5000A Impulse Noise Reduction System is designed to remove pops and scratches in vinyl records during playback. The SAE 5000A measures 10 3/4 inches x 8 3/8 inches x 3 inches and is comprised of a textured black aluminum casing with solid walnut side panels and a black anodized brushed aluminum face. Manufactured by Scientific Audio Electronics of Los Angeles, California, this is an upgrade to the original SAE 5000, and this particular unit has a date code of March, 1980. The SAE 5000A is deceivingly simple to operate, but if you are not familiar with it, connecting and operating it can be a daunting task. read more

Electro-Voice E-V Four Speakers

electro-voice e-v four speakers

This set of 1960s Electro-Voice E-V Four speakers (alternate spellings include EV4, EV-4 or EV Four) are an awe-inspiring set of legendary monster speakers made in Buchanan, Michigan.  The original shipping carton has a catchy and truthful brand slogan: Electro-Voice...Your Finest Choice. Each E-V Four speaker cabinet measures 25 inches x 14 inches x 13.5 inches, and they were sold over the years with different finishes and wood types. This particular pair is made of solid hardwood maple planks, while others have plywood / particle board walls with real wood veneers (we have owned a pair of each, and you can see them further down the page). The complete specifications / user instructions are not on paper labels (like the veneer set just mentioned), but actually screen printed on the painted back panels of each speaker cabinet. This set of E-V Four speakers was originally sold unfinished and the cabinets were hand-stained by the original owner to match his existing furniture! The grill screen covers are made of black woven wicker with a blonde wicker overlay pattern, and the style and craftsmanship of these EV-Four speakers add a genuine touch of class to your home decor. Inside each heavy-duty cabinet is a rugged horn tweeter, a 5 inch mid-range driver, and a most rugged 12 inch speaker that looks like something that fell out of the engine of a jet plane. Check out the following images to see what we're talking about... read more