Akai AM-2200 Amplifier

Akai AM-2200 amplifier

The Akai AM-2200 was manufactured between 1976 and 1979. Its an integrated amplifier rated at 20 watts-per-channel and has quintessential 1970's style with all-aluminum face, knobs and buttons. The Akai AM-2200 is a slightly obscure model, originally designed to compliment the Akai AT-2200 AM/FM tuner, but is still well-respected by its past and current owners. Akai AM-2200 amplifier It has dedicated magnetic phono turntable, aux, and tuner inputs, as well as two tape in/outs and an old-school DIN socket. Everything is housed in a classic faux walnut vinyl veneer cabinet, and the entire unit measures 15 inches x 8 7/8 inches x 4 5/8 inches. Akai AM-2200 amplifier Like many higher-end hi-fi stereo amps and receivers of its era, it has dedicated outputs for two sets of speakers, stereo/mono output selector, a loudness booster, and high and low frequency cut filters. Akai AM-2200 amplifier The Akai AM-2200 was never designed to blow the roof off the sucker, but it is a solid mid-powered amp and still sounds great at high volume. Akai AM-2200 amplifier