Dual 1219 Turntable

The Dual 1219 turntable, manufactured between 1970 and 1972, was a high-end unit with an original retail price of $189.
dual 1219 turntable

This Dual 1219 turntable is mounted in the original German CK-20 plinth with a very cool flip-down accessory drawer.  Models available for retail sale in the United States were typically housed in a walnut base with the United Audio logo badge. The drawer of the CK-20 platform holds a 45rpm spindle adapter, the auto changer spindle, a 60hz motor pulley (how about that?), and a 45 changer adapter, which was missing from this particular unit and not shown here. The CK-20 drawer also two small ports that can be used to hold spare tonearm cartridges.

The Dual 1219 turntable has a heavy-gauge smoke color acrylic dust cover, one of the nicer you'll find on units from this era.

Check out this video we made of the Dual 1219 in action, including the automatic startup.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEfKEvEVV2w[/embedyt]

The ultra heavy aluminum platter just spins on and on after you cut the motor, similar to a Thorens TD-124.

The cartridge isn't mounted with screws. Instead, it locks into place , and the mechanism is operated by sliding the tonearm handle on the headshell. Contacts underneath touch the cartridge. It works in a very similar to the Garrard Synchro-Lab 95. This unit is shown here fitted with a Shure M75E-P20 Type 2 phono cartridge and stylus.

Truly one of the nicest, well-cared-for Dual turntables we have ever come across. No oxidation in the aluminum parts, no visible wear or cosmetic damage whatsoever. Most important...no broken parts! Even the funky floating tonearm weight could be easily adjusted and wasn't busted or drooping downward.

dual 1219 turntable