Electro-Voice E-V Four Speakers

electro-voice e-v four speakers

This set of 1960s Electro-Voice E-V Four speakers (alternate spellings include EV4, EV-4 or EV Four) are an awe-inspiring set of legendary monster speakers made in Buchanan, Michigan.  The original shipping carton has a catchy and truthful brand slogan: Electro-Voice...Your Finest Choice. Each E-V Four speaker cabinet measures 25 inches x 14 inches x 13.5 inches, and they were sold over the years with different finishes and wood types. This particular pair is made of solid hardwood maple planks, while others have plywood / particle board walls with real wood veneers (we have owned a pair of each, and you can see them further down the page). The complete specifications / user instructions are not on paper labels (like the veneer set just mentioned), but actually screen printed on the painted back panels of each speaker cabinet. This set of E-V Four speakers was originally sold unfinished and the cabinets were hand-stained by the original owner to match his existing furniture! The grill screen covers are made of black woven wicker with a blonde wicker overlay pattern, and the style and craftsmanship of these EV-Four speakers add a genuine touch of class to your home decor. Inside each heavy-duty cabinet is a rugged horn tweeter, a 5 inch mid-range driver, and a most rugged 12 inch speaker that looks like something that fell out of the engine of a jet plane. Check out the following images to see what we're talking about...

Electro-Voice E-V Four Speakers interior

Electro-Voice E-V Four Speakers woofer

Pretty tough-looking, huh? We acquired these Electro-Voice E-V Four speakers from the original owner, and they included their original shipping cartons, a 2-sided E-V Four illustrated spec sheet and an official certification tag from the Fine Hardwoods Association. One of the boxes still has its original shipping label, showing these speakers originally came from the old Seattle Radio Supply store and has a pre-1964 mailing address with no zip code. Scroll down to compare these with what I believe are a slightly newer set of E-V Four speakers...

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Here's our slightly newer pair of vintage Electro-Voice E-V Four speakers

Electro-Voice E-V Four Speakers Pair

 This pair of huge Electro-Voice E-V Four speakers (mentioned on the label as EV-4) were well-loved and had some chipping paint on the black wicker screen speaker covers. The cabinets were given a moderate refinishing and, though they did have some dings, scratches, and water rings, they turned out pretty good and they still sounded amazing. Check out the insides, the speakers are considerably different than the earlier pair of E-V Four speakers shown...

Electro-Voice EV-4 Speakers

The original spec/instruction sheet was still attached to the back of one speaker. These E-V Four speaker cabinets measured 25 inches x 14 inches x 13.5 inches and weighed about 45 pounds each! They sold to a gentleman in Warner Robins who drove up to Atlanta to pick them up in person. He signed up for ebay and paypal for the sole reason of purchasing these speakers. I expected to meed a grizzled old man, but was pleasantly surprised to meet a guy in his 20s with a huge silver encrusted cross around his neck. His intended use for these speakers? Why, his car, of course! I told him how loud these things were, and he replied, "Oh yeah, I know all about EV's, man!". He pointed to his car and I saw he already had a loose pair of bronze Electro-Voice drivers propped up in the rear window! The surrounds had deteriorated, but he was still blasting them! I helped him hook these cabinets up to his system for his long ride home. It just makes me feel warm inside to think that the loudest vehicle cruising around the Macon, GA area is being powered by a pair of '60s Electro-Voice E-V Four speakers!