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Elac Miracord

We found this Elac Miracord 50H vintage idler drive turntable in excellent condition and complete with acrylic shell and multi-play adaptor.

The Elac Miracord 50H is fully automatic...

Just select the speed, press the heavy chrome button corresponding to the record size and let the Elac Miracord do the rest. The spindle slides right out of the machine and can be replaced with the "old school" continuous play spindle, which drops loaded records down one after the other when the needle reaches the end. It has two different weight adjustments, an anti-skate mechanism and plays all speeds and sizes of vinyl, from 16rpm to 78rpm and 7" 10" and 12". It also has a switch on the front that backlights when activated and controls an AC input on the rear "Miracord" sign that backlights when switched on. It is fitted with a Realistic / Shure RXT-4 cartridge and stylus protector/anti-static dust brush. The turntable sits on spring-loaded rubber shocks in a wood veneer plinth. It has adjustable screw feet for fine-tune balancing. The Elac Miracord 50H was made in West Germany and measures 14 5/8 inches x 18 3/8 inches x 4 1/2 inches. We found this Elac Miracord covered in about 40 years of tobacco smoke and tar, and the mechanism that controlled the tonearm was jammed. After hours of meticulous cleaning, it looked almost as good as new. After we jiggled a couple of hinges and cogs under the unit, it jumped back to life and was in perfect working condition. Seriously, after we got this thing going and realized just how good it sounded (even with an old worn stylus), we wound up holding on to the thing for about six months. No, we weren't even using it...just staring at it sitting there pretty on a side table in our living room! Eventually, we came across a reliable 1970's Technics direct drive turntable, which replaced the "new" Numark we had been using (and were not all that happy with). With our needs taken care of,  we then decided to send this one on its way to a new loving home. They are not the easiest thing to find, and apparently they never were. The original tagline of the Elac Miracord 50H print ad read, "The best automatic you can buy is also the hardest to get", and then goes on to talk about the long time and expense that goes into manufacturing the 50H. The ad concludes by stating you would probably need to visit 2 or 3 Hi-Fi stores before you actually found one to buy! How's that for reverse psychology? The 50H sold and now lives in Japan! However, other top quality vintage Elac Miracord turntables are always popping up on eBay, so check below, and scroll to the bottom of the page for more pics of this Elac Miracord 50H! read more


teac eqa-10 graphic equalizer

This vintage Teac EQA-10 stereo ten band graphic equalizer is in excellent working condition and in excellent cosmetic condition with only a few small scuffs and no damage to the nice brushed aluminum face. With one owner and only lightly used in a home recording studio, it has years of life left in it and will look very smart next to existing hi-fi equipment. It has a pretty LED lighted spectrum display that adds to the coolness. The unit is very clean and sounds great. RCA inputs feature two lines in (which are controlled by a line 1 & 2 switcher on front), one line out, and a tape in and tape out. The unit measures 16.5 inches x i6.25 inches x 2.5 inches. Sorry folks, this Teac EQA-10 sold like water in the desert, but they
can often be found on eBay and tend to be quite affordable. The Teac EQA-10 offers great sound and cool & classic retro looks. Scroll down to check out the Teac EQA-5...
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