HH Scott Stereomaster

We love the HH Scott Stereomaster line, and we have been fortunate enough to come across a few fine examples from the 1960s. Scroll down to see HH Scott tuners, HH Scott tube amps and receivers, and HH Scott speakers.

scott stereomaster 312 tuner

The Scott Stereomaster 312 Tuner

This 1964-1965 HH Scott Stereomaster 312  tuner is the original tube / solid state hybrid, featuring four small nuvistor tubes. This broadcast-quality FM-only unit was designed to be free-standing or installed into a console, so it does not include a traditional box cabinet housing. The Scott Stereomaster 312 tuner is a true DIY unit, totally hardwired with no circuit boards, and just about everything that can fail, burn out, or fall out of alignment is easily accessible for maintenence, repair, and replacement. It is equipped with functions not typically accessible on consumer tuners, like separate left and right level controls, separation adjust, and stereo threshold adjust knobs, all of which are located on the chassis and not the front panel, and has two sets of stereo RCA outputs. scott stereomaster 312The front panel is classic '60s audiophile minimalism, with a brushed aluminum face, side-lit reverse-printed glass dial, and a strange textured felt fabric covering the rear of the dial panel compartment. A backlit analog needle signal meter and orange lighted stereo indicator helps you dial in the strongest signal. The Scott Stereomaster 312 tuner has both Sub Channel Filter and Noise Filter settings, a Mono / Automatic Stereo toggle, and has a 1/4" tape out / headphone jack conveniently located on the front panel. HH Scott stereomaster 312 tunerThe chassis measures 14 inches x 11.5 inches x 4 inches (faceplate is slightly larger to allow framing in a console. A beautiful piece of audio history from Maynard, Massachussetts, the original Scott Stereomaster 312 tuner was used by radio stations to receive live signals from other distant stations for rebroadcast, and it plays an important role in the development of the FM radio signal we all enjoy today. It pairs well with a classic vintage tube amp!

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The HH Scott model S-14 Controlled Impedance Speaker System

HH Scott Speakers S-14

This pair of HH Scott model S-14 bookshelf speakers are listed in the company's 1968 hi-fi catalog as "Scott's latest speaker system...a deluxe bookshelf unit designed to provide superb sound in difficult areas where space is at a premium". These heavy-duty little units measure 16" x 10" x 6.5" and have real walnut veneer cabinets. Each S-14 houses two drivers manufactured by CTS in June HH Scott Speakers CTS driverand August of 1967, including a 6.5" model SPW6-8A woofer and a 3" model SPT3-8A tweeter.

hh scott speakers










The grills are a pale blonde tan with tiny silvery metallic speckles in the woven fabric. The speakers have that distinctive classic audiophile look reminiscent of KLH, Acoustic Research, and other high-end American loudspeakers of the mid-late 1960s. They have both standard +/- speaker connectors and an old-school RCA connector, and they both have connection instructions on the rear. One cabinet still has it's hand-signed factory quality control label. These seakers are tested and all drivers are firing. The cabinets show minimal wear, and a good polishing should hide minor scuffs. There is one small ding/dent in the upper right rear corner, but there are no serious cosmetic flaws that detract from the appearance. The grills are in beautiful shape, with no rips or holes and no noticeable stains or discoloration from age. As you may expect, these speakers still sound great, especially for their size. I can find almost no specific information regarding the S-14, so I do not know what their power rating / number of watts is, but they seem to be plenty loud, full and clear enough for any office, bedroom, dorm room, etc. You can also use these unobtrusive speakers to accentuate your current home theater system with a touch of quality vintage sound and genuine Mid-Century Modern style. Of course, these speakers are a perfect match for your vintage HH Scott amp or receiver (I actually tested them with our personal Scott Stereomaster tube amp), and to quote the '68 catalog again, "Your Scott amplifier or receiver makes any speaker sound better...Scott Controlled Impedance speakers make your Scott amplifier or receiver sound best!"

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