zeiss super ikontaThis 1934 Zeiss-Ikon Super Ikonta 530/2 120 film camera is complete with Zeiss shutter release and original leather carrying case. A classic folding bellows style camera, this first Ikonta model has the quintessential look of Zeiss quality. We do not know if this camera works, as it has only been stared at for the last ten years as part of our personal camera collection. The shutter seems to respond very quickly when the lever on the right side of the lens is pushed. The shutter release doesn't seem to do anything, but, as stated, we don't know anything about the function (we will gladly check any mechanical operations for you, just send us a message with testing instructions). The lens and viewfinders look very clean, everything seems to be working very smoothly. In any case, the camera looks great just sitting on a shelf (we speak from experience), but might work perfectly for someone with the right knowledge and a roll of 120 (6x9cm) film. See photos below for detailed images of the actual product.