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casio pt-100 keyboard


This vintage Casio PT-100 electronic musical instrument has the classic retro 1980s electro sounds you're looking for. The PT-100 came out around 1987 and, though it doesn't seem to have many features, it performs very solidly and sounds great. It has eight really good-quality synth voices and very interesting drum sounds. Drum beats are totally electronic, yet attempt to mimic real drums, making a totally different (and really in-your-face) percussive noise than typical keyboard blip drums. There is only a built-in mono speaker, no external headphone or output jack, so you will need to mic the speaker if you want to use the PT-100 for live or recording applications. It can be powered with an optional AC adapter or five "AA" batteries. This PT-100 is in near-mint condition. It was not used for long and was very well-cared-for. There is barely a scratch on the black surface, the keys are nice and the whole thing is in beautiful, clean shape. It is in perfect working order and includes the instruction pamphlet and original box, which does show some moderate wear and tear. It measures 19.25 inches x 6.75 inches x 1.5 inches. We have put a link to Ebay so that you can buy it now.  But, when you are looking for casio keyboards, Yamaha, casiotones, synthesizers, then come to for the best buys in town with the lowest prices. read more


vintage 1980s keytar

This rare and weird retro '80s keytar was made by the equally rare Crown company. The Rhythm Guitar (how's THAT for a clever name) has 25 keys and five accompaniment rhythms. There is only one voice, which is a cheap electronic piano-like blip tone. The beats sound really cool, with the bass drum sound being a distorted synth wave sound that has a distinctive note / tone. However, the keyboard notes gets a little drowned out and the note sustain decays oddly with the beat when keys are played along with the accompaniments. Basically, it is a vintage electronic toy that happens to look a lot cooler than its functions are. It still sounds interesting and makes a fun experimental electronic instrument. Considering its simplicity, the Rhythm Guitar is probably a prime candidate for electronic tinkering and circuit bending. It has a built-in, non-removable nylon strap and an 1/8 inch microphone / signal input jack. Cosmetically, it shows considerable wear and tear from use and poor storage. Overall, its very clean and has no cracks or other structural damage. Measures 22.75 inches x 6.75 inches x 1.75 inches. read more

Sony F-96 Dynamic Cardoid White Vintage Microphone NIB!

sony f-96 microphone

This vintage Sony F-96 dynamic cardoid microphone has a swell retro look with modern quality. A cool off-white enamel coating, brushed aluminum accents, and heavyweight construction make it both useful and stylish. It has surprisingly good sound for voice recording and could be used for lo-fi home music recording. It is equipped with a smaller 1/8" plug, so you will need an adapter for use in 1/4" inputs. The mic is brand new and complete with original sleeve box, carrying case, tabletop mic stand and instruction book. It was tested and works perfectly, and it measures 5.75 inches in length.
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fostex 250 recorder

The Fostex 250 four track recorder / mixer was used by countless musicians for home recording in the 1980s.

Rock stars regularly dragged the Fostex 250 around with them on tour to write hits and record demo tracks on the road.

This simple gray box has got a no-frills, heavy-duty construction and works great as both a multi-track recorder and a four channel mixer. It has cool analog needle signal meters that light up and a red digital led tape counter. The Fostex 250 has four separate tracks, but has bounce / ping-pong capabilities so you can add tracks together to make more. It measures 16.75 inches x 14 inches x 3.25 inches. Having logged hundreds of hours in bedrooms and basements on portable multitracks, I may be biased (or high-bias), but I feel recording your music to analog tape is a more genuinely satisfying experience compared to the modern digital hard-disk or CD. There's nothing like laying down tracks on real, tangible media immune to digital glitches.  The Fostex 250 is a perfect introduction to the disappearing world of analog home recording. We found this particular Fostex 250 in the corner of a basement workshop, and I knew we had to get this thing back into the hands of someone who would used and showed a couple of blemishes on the gray cover and dark stains on the last signal meter. There were also tiny little white paint spots covering the top of the unit. However, it was in perfect working order. It had been used almost exclusively as a home hi-fi stereo mixer and the cassette deck was hardly ever used. I made a simple recording with four guitar tracks and the Fostex 250 rendered surprisingly good results, especially in today's age. We threw in a sealed 100min Maxell CrO2 metal tape so the new owner could start recording right out of the box. It sold pretty fast and now lives in Nashville, probably recording demos that will soon become hits. The Fostex 250 is a historic piece of audio engineering and they do show up on eBay regularly, as well as other great vintage Fostex analog multitrack recorders. read more


yamaha soldano t50c

This totally awesome and increasingly scarce early 1990s Yamaha T50C combo tube amplifier features a 50 watt head designed by Mike Soldano. Here's the history: my father was a floor supervisor at the Yamaha Music Mfg plant in Thomaston, GA, whose guitar skills and musical background were called upon to assist in sound tests on various prototype gear, speakers and cabinets, including the Soldano designed T50 / T100 heads and this T50c amp. He eventually wound up with all three of them. I'm not sure what is different about it, but the reverb is a definite clue. I have read complaints about the reverb being weak on these models. This one seems to have crazy, out-of-control reverb that I found to be perfect for playing Dick Dale and Link Wray tunes. I won't go on about the sound quality, and how it's a solid and versatile amp that's great for just about everything...blues, jazz, hardcore punk, surf, thrash and death metal, country, classic rock...all of which have been played on this amp. You can search the internet for dozens of random, but consistently positive reviews about this model. read more


heathkit code oscillator

This vintage Heathkit code oscillator setup is completely self-contained and in perfect working condition. The totally homemade setup includes the Heath HD-1416 code oscillator, which is strapped down using a removable coil spring, and a screw-mounted morse code / telegraph key. Both items sit on a hand-fabricated blue acrylic base and everything is pre-wired...just add your 9v battery inside the oscillator and you are ready to start practice keying. The oscillator has a built-in speaker and volume control, as well as a 1/4" headphone jack / line out (practice in quiet or plug into an external amplifier, mixer or multi-track recorder!). The oscillator's beeping tone is actually a quite pleasing and mellow sound for electronic wave noise. There is a little rust on the body of the key, but the springs and screws work smoothly and are noise-free. All of the contact terminals have been cleaned thoroughly and are in perfect working order. The oscillator shows some discoloration in the green plastic shell, but has no other damage. Everything is very clean and is ready to use out of the box. The base measures 10.5 inches x 5.5 inches at widest points. read more

Vintage Otto Link Saxophone Mouthpieces

vintage otto link tone edge

Vintage Otto Link Tone Edge Number 7

This slant signature vintage Otto Link number 7 star Tone Edge saxophone mouthpiece was found in a basement in the bottom of a dusty cardboard box! We discovered this vintage Otto Link mouthpiece at an estate sale run by the family of the late New Orleans musician and songwriter George Davis (1938-2008). Mr. Davis is probably best known for co-writing Tell It Like It Is for Aaron Neville, but he was also an amazing guitarist, whose licks can be heard on classic New Orleans soul singles like Robert Parker’s Barefootin’. read more


electro harmonix 5x junction mixer

This vintage Electro Harmonix 5x Junction Mixer is the original first model. It works the same way as the later models, but it has a much cooler retro style with the classic and unmistakable Electro Harmonix look. The unit was tested and works. It's a highly useful device for some musicians, a head scratcher for others, and a rare addition to one's collection of vintage Electro Harmonix stomp boxes and effects pedals. It sold at auction, but if you looking for an Electro Harmonix 5x Junction Mixer for sale, check for availability here: read more