Isis Model 20 Radio radio

Isis Radio model 20

The Isis Model 20 Radio Radio

isis model 20 radioThis original Isis model 20-1 radio has an iconic Pop-Art flair with quintessential turn-of-the-80s retro style. Sometimes called the Radio radio, the model 20 was manufactured in 1980 for Isis of Charleroi, Belgium. It has a molded red plastic cabinet shaped like the word "radio" in all capital letters. This amazing AM FM transistor radio gets very good reception and has a single mono speaker built into the "O" in RADIO...where else would it go? The power / volume and tuning knobs are located in the top and side of the "O", too. A telescoping antenna is hidden on the rear of the bright red plastic casing. This Warhol-esque piece of in-your-face Post Modern fun measures 10 inches x 3 inches x 2.5 inches, but makes a much larger decorative visual impact. These Isis Model 20 radios were made in a variety of color schemes, and some of them have different speaker grill covers. We really like the red one, though. The color really pops in any room. This Isis model 20 radio was well-loved, and it does have some flaws. The red plastic has scratches, scuffs and hazy spots. There is some structural damage, too. The rear battery compartment covering is cracked and the battery cover is missing. The original 9V battery connector has been replaced with a new one. The cracked casing can only be seen from the rear. The radio is very clean, it works great, and it still looks good despite the damage. Check below to see examples of other Isis radios for sale on the internet.

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