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vintage volkswagen vw motorola radio

This 1970s vintage Volkswagen factory stock AM radio is a Motorola Model 5VW1902. The radio is marked Made in USA and it came factory installed in a 1979 Super Beetle convertible. It was quickly replaced with a Sanyo FT-C6 cassette deck and has been stored in the old Sanyo box ever since. It is in fabulous condition, nearly new with no cosmetic flaws. I was told it fits both SB's and the classic Volkswagen bus. It may be compatible with other models, too. Actual chassis measurement is 6.75 inches x 3.75 inches x 1.75 inches. The listing is for the radio pictured below only, no accessories, instructions, screws or other mounting hardware. So, you are looking for some 1979 Volkswagen items? Have you thought about a cool ride to go with that AM radio? We spent some time recently going through ebay looking for some killer VW stuff. We found some radios, and strange items, but our favorite stuff were these awesome VW vans and VW bugs. Check them out if you like the best in vintage Volkswagen. read more

Vintage Transistor Radios

Realistic 10-TRF vintage transistor radio
The vintage transistor radio is a fun and affordable category of vintage electronics to collect and to use. We have been collecting them for a while now, and this page features a few of our favorites from our personal collection. Scroll down to see pictures of vintage transistor radios!

1962 Realistic 10-TRF Vintage Transistor Radio

From the Realistic Technical Apparatus Company of Boston, Massachusetts, this 1962 model 10-TRF transistor radio was sold by Radio Shack through their mailorder catalog or one of their nine retail stores. It was made in Japan by Toshiba, and is probably one of the first line of products made for Radio Shack after Tandy acquired them in 1962. The Tandy Corporation was a leather goods company, which explains the beautifully-styled genuine leather casing. It originally sold for $29.95. Based on inflation, that would be $227.00 in today's money, which explains their $5.00 monthly payment plan! Despite the seemingly high cost, it was the most affordable transistor radio of its day. The following is actual copy from the 1962 Radio Shack catalog: read more


panasonic rx-f10 boom box

This sleek 1980s Panasonic RX-F10 vintage boom box looks a little small, but holds its own against many full-size ghetto blasters in both sound and weight! Its heaviness is indicative of its quality, which can be felt in the sturdy and smooth touch of the controls and in the surprisingly full spectrum sound coming from the relatively small 3.5 inch speakers. The secret must be in the Panasonic Ambience technology and the 2-way speakers, but, in any case, your old cassette collection is sure to sound great on this thing. You can also dial in the perfect tone with the built-in 3-band graphic equalizer. The RX-F10 receives FM and AM signals very well and has stereo auxiliary RCA/phono inputs for external CD or MP3 player, etc. However, you probably won't be using it much, since the cassette deck still works and sounds perfect. We cleaned and demagnetized the heads and the motor and belts seem very strong with no wobble or weakness. Recording from the radio sounded very clear. Speaking of recording, the RX-F10 has an on-board condenser mic for total old-school live analog recording, and there are optional left and right stereo 1/8" microphone inputs...record band rehearsals and gigs on your own boom box! It is powered by either six "C" batteries or the original AC plug, which is included. There is also an optional DC socket so you can use your own universal AC or auto adapter. Cosmetically, it is in very good condition. Minor signs of wear can be seen, mostly in the form of corner dings and scuffs around the edges. The cassette bay door has the usual scratches, but nothing very serious. It is very clean, looks and sounds awesome, and is ready to use out of the box. It measures 18 inches x 5 inches x 4 inches. We had considerable interest in this unit and it sold within a few weeks. eBay is always a great place to buy yourself a killer vintage boombox, so check below for some fine retro audio. read more

Panasonic RX-5030 1980s Boombox Ghetto Blaster

panasonic vintage boombox

If, like L.L., you can't live without your radio, then this 1981 Panasonic RX-5030 vintage boom box ghetto blaster is right up your alley. It is in wonderful condition, showing only faint signs of use. The body is in great condition with barely a scratch on it. All functions, including cassette player/recorder, are in perfect working order. In addition, it includes the original AC power cord (not a replacement), original instruction manual, warranties, a fun and informative Maxell Tape Guide, and the original $160.00 purchase receipt from Davidson's Department Store, dated February 7, 1982 (that's $365 in today's money!). The Panasonic RX-5030 is equipped with two inch speakers and a cool LED light bar that can be toggled to show either battery life, signal (which makes the lights pulsate to the beat), or switched off to preserve power. It has stereo RCA/phono inputs and outputs, left and right microphone inputs (for lo-fi home recording fun!!!), left and right external speaker jacks and a headphone jack. The tape heads are clean and it looks like the previous owner did not really use the tape deck at all. The battery compartment shows some corrosion on the tip of one of the battery coils, everything else inside is still good. The boom box is a nice size...large, but not comically so. The entire unit measures approximately 17.5 inches x 9.5 inches x 4.75 inches (minus buttons/handle). A solid boombox in reliable working condition with classic looks that's packed with features, and it sounds great...what more do you need? read more


emerson ghetto blaster
Emerson Boomboxes by Atomic Space Junk

"I can't live without my radio!"...if you agree with L.L. on this matter, then you need this classic Emerson vintage 1980s boombox with removable stereo speakers, left and right stereo mic inputs and a stereo phono input for your turntable! The blaster was totally used by a teenage boy, but is clean and still in pretty good condition. There are no major cosmetic flaws to this model.  You will want to make sure your boombox doesn't have any scratches and scuffs on the cassette bay cover and bottom.  Also, make sure the antenna is working properly. (some have already replaced the antenna, so you are ready to make some noise). As far as function goes, this is a nice boombox to blast your neighborhood with some dope sounds. Everything else works fine, the radio even gets decent reception without the antenna. Cassette player was tested and works. As far as the 4 inch speakers and overall sound quality, it sounds just like an Emerson made in the '80s. It still looks cool, though! Entire unit measures 20.5 inches x 4.75 inches x 7 inches. read more