Panasonic R-12 Spinet AM Radio

Panasonic R-12 “Spinet” AM Radio

Panasonic R-12 Spinet AM Radio

The Panasonic R-12 "Spinet" AM transistor radio was conceived and designed during Matsushita's heyday of wild and crazy mod concept electronics. This standard tabletop model has nothing standard about its design, with a round cylinder casing measuring 3.75 inches in diameter. The circa 1970 Panasonic R-12 Spinet has ultra-modern space age styling, with a ribbed black cylindrical body and a cool speedometer-like round display dial. This classic Modernist electronic masterpiece has a brushed aluminum face and accent band, as well as a shiny chrome boomerang-shaped platform.

Panasonic R-12 Am transistor radio

This platform holds the radio at a 30-degree angle to add to the visual interest, and it flips back and away, allowing the radio to stand vertically on its three built-in plastic feet. A simple bright green triangle appears to float around the top arch of the dial as you tune in to your favorite station. The Panasonic R-12 is powered by a single 9V battery and is equipped with a standard mono headphone jack.

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