sony watchman vintage portable televisionVintage Portable Television sets have great style and functionality. Though analog TV signals are no longer used in the U.S., virtually all vintage portable television sets have some means of connecting a cable line, satellite or DVD/VCR/Game Console. Not only are they useful decorative pieces, but cable and satellite installers swear by these "outdated" devices as on-the-job display monitors! Scroll down to see our extensive collection of vintage portable televisions, along with specifications and reviews. You will also see the best examples of classic vintage portable television sets the web has to offer...




TMK Vintage Portable Television sets 

TMK, or Toyomenka, was a Japanese firm that created many stylish portable televisions in the late 1970s and 1980s. They are usually built in Japan or Korea. TMK TVs have a genuinely high-quality appearance and feel, and they consistently perform, even after decades of poor storage conditions! We are fans of the somewhat obscure TMK name, and have yet to come across one that didn't work as well as it did the day it was made. Scroll down to see a few cool TMK televisions we have rescued, as well as some really cool TMK portable televisions for sale on the web. 

tmk portable televisionTMK 755C Vintage Portable Television

This TMK / Toyomenka portable color vintage television has a cool rectangular box-shaped cabinet with a flashy silver control panel and a crisp and bright 5-inch screen. The TMK model 755C portable TV was made in Japan and has a rugged dark gray and pewter cabinet. It was manufactured in April of 1984, which explains its boxy contempo styling. It is an early model with RCA inputs and outputs, so you can easily connect any of your modern accessories, from a 1986 Nintendo NES game console to a Blu-Ray player. Of course, it is also equipped with classic screw post terminals, so you can even connnect that old Atari or Intellivision system without any adaptors. The TMK 755C measures (minus handle) 11 inches x 8 inches x 6 inches and is powered by either the included AC adaptor (which is removable), or ten "D" cell batteries.


tmk vintage portable television

TMK Vintage Portable Television Cassette Deck Radio

This TMK / Toyomenka portable vintage television is a blocky boombox-style briefcase model, and its got it all! The TMK Model 725 was manufactured in 1982, and it includes a 5-inch black & white television, an AM/FM radio tuner, and a cassette tape recorder. Everything is wrapped up in a cool-looking retro space age packaging. It has a black plastic cabinet, which really sets off the chrome buttons, sliders and accents, and the brushed aluminum-capped knobs and cassette transport controls. The TMK 725 measures an impressive 16.5 inches x 12 inches x 5 inches. It is very well-built, rugged and sturdy, and designed for travel. It is powered by either nine "D" cell batteries, AC power cord (which IS included, though it is not pictured below), or optional 12V DC car batery adaptor (not included). Your Atari 2600 can be connnected to the old-school screw post terminals on the side of the unit, and you can get a cheap 75-300ohm adaptor to connect any peripheral device with a coaxial cable connection. There are tiny 1/8-inch inputs for earphone, aux, and mic, as well as a smaller jack labeled "remote" (I have seen this on some TMK models, so they must have manufactured a universal wired remote control).

TMK vintage portable televisionTMK 790C Portable Vintage Television

This handy TMK model 790C vintage portable color television works perfectly and is powered by either standard AC cord or a 12V adaptor that plugs directly into your automobile's cigarette lighter socket. Both cords are included! The TV was made in Japan by Orion Electronics in 1980 and is still in excellent condition. It is very clean and has only faint signs of normal use. There are no glaring cosmetic flaws or deep scratches and absolutely no cracks, structural damage or electrical glitches. It has a dark gray shell and boxy retro Macintosh computer look with a smooth rounded back. The 9 inch color screen is surprisingly crisp and clear and the TV has all the standard fine tuners for picture adjustment, including a degaussing knob on the rear. Being from 1980, the TV has no coaxial or RCA inputs, so you will need to spend three or four dollars on an adaptor to hook up a VCR, DVD, or game system (unless it's an Atari!). The only feature not tested is the VHF/UHF channel reception, as analog TV signal bands are no longer used in the United States. The TV does not run on batteries. Entire unit measures 12.5 inches x 14.5 inches x 10.25 inches. For a fun decorative piece and a great item for camping or road trips, get yourself a TMK vintage portable television!

Radio Shack Portable Vintage Television Sets

From one of the oldest and most beloved electronics stores in the country, here are some funky and cool  vintage portable television sets form the retro '80s!

retro pink vintage portable televisionRadio Shack Portavision Pink Vintage Portable Television

This totally 1980s Radio Shack Portavision model vintage television has a radical retro color scheme with a hot pink plastic cabinet and pastel turquoise & yellow accents. It has a 4.5-inch black & white cathode ray screen and a radio-style tuning dial with a yellow strip that travels all the way up to the top of the dial as you rotate the big tuning knob. The Radio Shack Portavision is not battery-powered, it was designed to be a portable TV for car use. It probably came with a 12v "cigarette lighter" auto adaptor, which is missing. No power supply is included with the unit. We tested it using a universal AC adaptor, and the picture was warped on the sides (see actual screenshot). The back of the unit reads 12v DC 1 amp max. Like many standard universal adaptors, our unit only goes up to .5 amp, which very well may be the cause of the weird wavy vertical edges. The picture screen is otherwise very crisp and clear, so I would think the power supply is most likely the issue, however, I don't have a car adaptor or a 1amp 12v AC adaptor, so I cannot be certain. Unit measures 6.25 inches x 4.75 inches x 5.75 inches.

realistic pocketvision 22 vintage portable television

Realistic Pocketvision 22 Vintage Portable Television

This Realistic PocketVision 22 handheld portable vintage television was a very high-tech piece of machinery back in the mid-80s. The "Truly Portable Television" has a sleek black plastic casing measuring 5 1/8 inches x 3 1/4 inches, with a "micro-thin design" measuring 1 1/4 inches thick. The casing houses a small 2-inch flat color screen, which has a white bar on the right edge with a black cursor that travels up and down as it searches for a signal. The Realistic PocketVision 22 was made in Japan by the Tandy Corporation and sold exclusively at your friendly local Radio Shack. It is powered by four AA batteries or an optional AC adaptor that was sold separately.