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Space Age retro color TV

space age retro color tvHere's a blast from the past...a 1984 RCA color television that was made in the USA! This RCA model EJR330S vintage television was assembled with pride in Bloomington, Indiana, and it has a classic retro space age look. It has a fairly large 13.5-inch color screen, black and pewter silver cabinet, and shiny chrome-color accents. The only signal input is the old-school screw terminals, so its Atari 2600 ready, but you'll need one of those cheap 75-300ohm adapters if you need to connect a coaxial cable (which is what we used to test it). It is equipped with all of the fine-tuning settings needed to adjust for best picture quality. There is a mounting hole on the back for a for a removable antenna, but none is included with this unit. This vintage television is used, and shows minor everyday wear and tear, but is very clean and shows no signs of abuse or over-use. It has been tested and works great, but I cannot attest to the analog reception, as analog TV signals are no longer used in the U.S. Entire cabinet measures 18 inches x 15 inches x 13 inches.

retro color tv

This heavy-duty commercial-grade vintage Panasonic color TV / VCR combo unit has a bright and colorful 10 inch screen and a built-in side-loading NTSC VHS videocassette player. Marked For Commercial Use Only, the Panasonic AG-500R was a marketing tool designed for retail displays and has an auto-repeat function that automatically rewinds and restarts an inserted video. It can be set to repeat at the end of the tape, or to repeat when the video signal ends (so you won't have to wait for any blank portion at the end of your tape to play out before it repeats). It has a digital LED counter with a search lock memory feature and reset button. The AG-500R is also equipped with audio and video RCA inputs to display cable, game consoles, or other peripheral devices. The entire unit measures 15 inches x 13 inches x 11 inches. A fun and unbelievably simple way to enjoy your VHS tapes again without dragging out and hooking up that old VCR. Perfect for dorm room, bedroom, office, or travel! It is used, but still works flawlessly, and is still in great cosmetic condition.