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Vintage Rexair Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Rexair Rainbow Model B

 The Rexair Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner – The Machine of Tomorrow…Today!

The Rexair Rainbow has been “washing air” since 1929, starting with their Model A and Model B units, and continuing with the Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaners that are still highly sought after today for their unique cleaning power. Here are a few Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaners that span the long history of this company. You can also find some nice new, refurbished and vintage Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaners for sale on this page.

 Rexair Rainbow Model B

Rexair Model B vintage vacuum cleaner

This early 1940s Rexair Model B canister vacuum was rescued from an open barn! After dragging it all out into the light, we found that it was a very old vacuum cleaner, and looked like it had a load of accessories and paperwork. Turns out it was an early Rexair Rainbow, and it had everything but the water pan / dust collector that attaches to the underside of the vacuum unit. This made the Rexair Model B not useable in its condition. The motor still worked beautifully and ran powerfully and quietly, despite its hard life in storage, and it included its complete “Renovating Utensils” accessory set with all boxes and manuals / paperwork. The Rexair Model B isn’t just a cool-looking antique shop vac…it was designed to actually wash the air! You are supposed to add water to the pan, which acts as a filter, trapping dust so it won’t be released back into the air. It is also designed to function as an “air conditioner”, or air purifier, by simply cleaning out the pan, filling it with fresh water and turning on the motor. It acts sort of like a giant electric hookah, sucking air through the water and “washing” it before dispersing it back into the environment. It “actually cleans clean”, as the instruction manual reads. 1930s Rexair Rainbow comic stripSpeaking of the manual, it was full of great images and highly useful information. There was also a pamphlet that was part advertisement and part “quick start guide” for the Renovating Utensils. However, the most interesting printed material included was a large blue book filled with 40 pages of detailed specifications, testimonials from customers, doctors & scientists, newspaper clippings about this amazing air washing invention, diagrams, cartoons, a girl holding a filthy mason jar of sludge she “washed from the air” of her home, and tons more fun stuff, all related to the amazing power of the Rexair Conditioner and Humidifier (last photos below show a few examples and provide some more useful info about this model). This sold at auction, complete with bidding war, and it was likely because of all the very rare and highly useful printed information on this vacuum technology that still exists today under the Rexair Rainbow name.  Scroll down to see more classic Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaners!

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Rexair Rainbow Model D

rexair rainbow model D

From Cadillac, Michigan, the Rexair Rainbow Model D canister vacuum set was the first significant change to the classic water filtration vac since the first Model A in 1936. This is the “chrome dome” model with hammered bronze / gold finish, first manufactured in 1961. This setup includes the vacuum unit with water pan and molded plastic rolling cart, the hose and complete set of chrome tubing, the original Power Brush, as well as six more brush attachments. The Power Brush is not electric like the one made for the D2 (which is a bit further down the page) and later models. It is powered by a windmill and drive belt inside the unit.rexair rainbow model D

Rexair Rainbow Model D2

rexair rainbow d2 vacuum

First produced in 1974, the Rainbow Model D2 is identical to the Model D, but now has an integrated plug socket to accept the new electric Power Nozzle. We found this one complete in its original box and in near-perfect condition. It looked like it was only used a short time and was very well-cared-for. Check out the awesome graphics on the box, along with the memorable slogans “The Machine of Tomorrow, Today!” and “Soaring Ahead Nature’s Way!”.

The Rexair Rainbow D4C Vacuum CleanerRexair Rainbow SE vacuum

This Rexair Rainbow  SE Model D4C canister vacuum set has a date code of 1991, but had been in production since the early ’80s. Made in Cadillac, Michigan, it kinda resembles the interior of an ’86 Eldorado! This Rexair Rainbow is designed to actually wash the air, and works the same way it did back in the 1930s. As a matter of fact, the basic design is virtually unchanged. Adding water to the bottom pan acts as a filter, trapping incoming dust so it won’t be released back into the air. Like the early Rexair models, I am pretty sure this unit can function as an air purifier by cleaning out the dust pan, filling it with fresh water and turning on the motor without the hoses attached. The Rexair Rainbow has a large and dedicated following, and parts and repair services are easy to come by.

Rexair Rainbow D4C Vacuum Cleaners for Sale

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