rupert bear plaqueThis vintage Rupert Bear plaque is made of stamped copper and it is solid.  This retro plaque depicts a reprint of a 1930s Dutch strip from the Algemeen Handelsblad newspaper.

The strip is titled “Bruintje Beer keert met zijn vriendjes huiswaarts”, or “Rupert Bear Returns Home with His Friends”. Having spent time in Holland, I really love this beautiful piece. Rupert is with his best friend Bill, the badger, and two unknown hares.  You may be able to identify their names with some additional homework behind the Rupert Bear tales.  The back of the Rupert piece is stamped “BBS Geregistreerd” (Bruintje Beer Strip registered?). We do not know the exact age of the piece, but it is likely from the same time as the original strips from 1930’s Netherlands.

The plaque is still in good, solid shape, but you will want to look at all of the pictures available because of the age of some of the items for sale in the Rupert Bear collection. The most notable damage in the one pictured is that Rupert’s head has a dent (it can be carefully repaired by removing the cardboard backing and pressing the dent out from behind). The Rupert Bear plaque is a great find for collectors and lovers of art alike.  Many people love to collect all types of items about and that depict Rupert the Bear.  I was not aware that the comic goes that far back and that it is so old.  We have located some really nice pieces of the collection for sale below.  


Vintage Rupert Bear Gifts For Sale on Ebay

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