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This very hard-to-find vintage 1987 Samantha Fox nude calendar (pictured) was an officially licensed product and features 12 gorgeous full-color images of the iconic ’80s pinup queen / pop star.

A Samantha Fox nude calendar receiving an opening bid of $90.00 within a few hours of listing? Of, course! After all, Samantha Fox is perhaps the most beloved pinup model pop star in history!

Eight of the 12 images in the calendar are topless nude photos, the four examples shown at the very bottom of this page are the only non-nude pictures. You will not find a better example of retro ’80s softcore from this legendary British sex queen, and a part of our rare media store collection.The calendar was printed in the UK by Culture Shock Publishing and was in very good used condition with no rips, holes, marks or other serious damage. The Samantha Fox nude calendar sold to a Japanese bidder, who also won a non-nude Samantha Fox calendar from the same year. We also listed a third calendar from our collection, another non nude calendar from 1988, depicting a leather-clad Samantha Fox with big, teased hair, looking like she walked off the set of a Motley Crue video shoot. The same Japanese buyer tried their best, but was sniped at the last second by another bidder who wound up never paying! We relisted the calendar a couple of months later, and sure enough, our buddy from Japan won it, reuniting the collection. We love what we do!

samantha fox nude calendarSamantha Fox began her notoriously successful career at 16 years old, when she appeared topless on the historically trashy Page Three of Rupert Murdock’s now notorious The Sun tabloid back in 1983. She immediately became a wildly popular pinup queen, and by 1986, had already recorded her first Number 1 hit single (Number 1 in 5 countries!), Touch Me (I Want Your Body). Samantha Fox has sold over 30 million albums and probably at least as many topless posters and nude glossy 8×10 photos. She has since released nine official albums, including a new studio release in 2005 and a brand new greatest hits collection in 2009. Samantha Fox is a genuine 1980s popular culture icon, and she still has rabid fans the world over. Samantha Fox merchandise can be highly sought after, and rarer items like this calendar set are very desirable to hardcore collectors.There are tons of different Samantha Fox collectibles available on eBay, from vinyl record albums, seven inch singles, twelve inch DJ extended mixes and gorgeous full color collectors edition picture discs, to hard to find and out of print Samantha Fox compact discs, to vintage 1980s posters and Playboy magazines, to rare signed and autographed Samantha Fox nude photos. We love Samantha Fox and we are always have our eyes peeled for any items or merchandise dealing with the undisputed queen of 1980s pinups, but until we unearth more Samantha Fox nude rarities…


Samantha Fox List of Albums

  • Touch Me
  • Samantha Fox
  • I Wanna Have Some Fun
  • Just One Night
  • Greatest Hits
  • 21st Century Fox
  • Watching You, Watching Me
  • Angel With An Attitude
  • Greatest Hists